Outgoing Loudoun County school board member says threats of violence prompted resignation

Outgoing Loudoun County school board member says threats of violence prompted resignation
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A Loudoun County school board member who submitted her resignation earlier this month says threats of violence prompted her to quit her post.

School board officials in Loudoun County have received numerous threats via email, the Loudoun Times Mirror reported Wednesday. Those threats prompted school board member Beth Barts to announce her resignation on Oct. 15.

A group of Loudoun County parents had attempted to get Barts removed from the school board over her alleged involvement with a Facebook group in which school board members strategized how to push critical race theory in county schools, which parents claimed violated Virginia's transparency laws.

The Times Mirror obtained copies of the threatening emails, which encouraged school board members to kill themselves or wished that someone “pours a gallon of gasoline down your diseased sodomite anus, and burns you in the street like the piece of utterly worthless child-molesting DOG S*** that you are.”

Another email read in part, “Your kids will now be targeted just like how you have targeted all our kids! If you have no kids your relatives kids will be targeted.”

Barts told the Loudoun newspaper that she “realized literally that there was nothing I could do to keep my family safe if someone wanted to follow through with their threats” and began writing her resignation letter.


Threats against school board officials have quickly become a point of contention in Washington, D.C., after the National School Boards Association sent a letter to the White House comparing parents protesting at school board meetings to domestic terrorists and calling for the Department of Justice to investigate using the Patriot Act.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a congressional hearing last week that the letter was the impetus for establishing an FBI-DOJ task force to investigate threats against school board members.

After significant public outcry, the NSBA apologized for the letter as several state school board associations announced they were cutting ties with the national organization. Meanwhile, Garland repeatedly stood by his decision to organize the task force during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday.


Requests to Loudoun County public schools asking to see the threatening emails were not immediately returned.

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