Ouya Library Migrates to MadCatz M.O.J.O.

Ouya Library Migrates to MadCatz M.O.J.O.

It's no secret that the Ouya Android console never quite lived up to its hype, but now it has a new outlet to distribute its games. The Ouya Everywhere initiative will help spread the Ouya's unique library to multiple Android devices, and one of the first will be MadCatz's Android console, the M.O.J.O.

Android gamers are probably already familiar with the M.O.J.O., a $199 Android console from gaming peripheral manufacturer MadCatz. At present, it can run just about any game on the Google Play Store, but Ouya Everywhere will give it access to formerly Ouya-exclusive games as well.

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The M.O.J.O. is the first device that will feature Ouya Everywhere , although it will likely not be the last. (The initiative was announced in March, and games are available as of July 1.) As Google's new Android TV interface grows in popularity, expect Ouya Everywhere to grow along with it.

While Ouya Everywhere may help expand the underperforming console's name and popularity, its selection of exclusives is still somewhat underwhelming. Games like "Soul Fjord" from "Portal" designer Kim Swift help differentiate the Ouya somewhat from PCs, game consoles and Android devices, but the majority of Ouya titles are available through other services, including Android's own Play Store.

As for the M.O.J.O., the system is much more powerful than the Ouya console, and sports 4K compatibility as well as more-or-less full access to the Play Store. This makes the device a fully functional media player and productivity machine when paired with a mouse and keyboard.

How Ouya exclusivity will work with the advent of Ouya Everywhere is still something of a mystery, as is the future of the Ouya console itself. Still, the brand is alive and kicking for the time being, and ready to share its exclusives with at least a few other console manufacturers.

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