Over 100 volunteers from Naperville and beyond are signing up seniors for COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccine Buddies, a group dedicated to sign up seniors for COVID-19 vaccine, have already helped hundreds get vaccinated.

Video Transcript

LAURA GASKILL: In a day, we probably sign up 40, 50 people.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: Laura Gaskill is one of about 125 volunteers signing up seniors for COVID vaccines. Since joining a group called "Vaccine Buddies" back in February, Gaskill says she's dedicated every day to help those in need of a vaccine.

LAURA GASKILL: For me, what haunts me at night is the people that show up to the local pharmacy and say, I'm here for a vaccine, and the person says you got to go online, and they don't know what to do.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: Gaskill believes she's helped sign up about 100 seniors for the vaccine in Naperville and beyond. All they have to do is call a phone number.

LAURA GASKILL: It goes to Jim Hill, who's the co-chair of the program. And that phone number then takes that person to Jim or another greeter, and they talk to the senior and get some information. It goes into a spreadsheet, and then we just go from there.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: In addition to helping seniors for the "Vaccine Buddies" group, Gaskill and her neighbor Mary Brigid Creek helped their neighbors sign up for the vaccine.

MARY BRIGID CREEK: It seems like we're kind of chipping away at the pandemic in some way. We're getting closer to the end. And knowing that they're the first in line, it doesn't mean everybody else isn't going to get there, too.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: And both women say they'll continue to lend a helping hand.

MARY BRIGID CREEK: You don't need to know people to want good for them.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: In Naperville, Yukare Nakayama, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.