Over 150 people killed in Kyiv, including four children, since the full-scale invasion began

Russia launches missile strikes on critical infrastructure facilities and residential buildings in Kyiv

He said Russian troops unleashed total terror against Ukrainians in general and Kyivans in particular. They have destroyed hundreds of houses and dozens of infrastructure facilities.

"As a result of Russian attacks, 678 objects are ruined or damaged just in Kyiv, including over 350 residential buildings, 77 schools or other educational facilities, 80 utility facilities, 25 logistics units and 26 hospital facilities," Klitschko reported.

Russia constantly attacks Kyiv, aiming at residential houses and crucial infrastructure.

Vira Hyrych, a Ukrainian journalist and radio producer, died in a Russian strike in April 2022. A Russian missile hit a multi-story building near the center of the capital in June.

Starting from October, Russian attacks on Kyiv have intensified. For example, Russia launched a mass attack using Iranian-made suicide drones on Oct. 17.

In the last wave of missile strikes, Russia launched 31 missiles, of which 21 were intercepted. The strikes killed three people that day and wounded over 10.

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