Over 30% of checked bomb shelters in Ukraine not ready to receive people

Out of 50,195 bomb shelters checked by the authorities by June 5, up to one-third are closed or unsuitable for use, the Interior Ministry announced on Telegram.

The National Police, the State Emergency Service, and the local authorities have already examined 79% of all shelters in Ukraine.

From the already examined ones, 11,644 (23%) were unsuitable for use and 4,679 (9%) were closed.

In Kyiv, the authorities have already checked 2,156 bomb shelters, which is 48% of the total number in the capital.

The current results show that of all the shelters examined in Kyiv, 804 (37%) were unsuitable and 137 (6%) were closed, leaving only 1,215 (57%) bomb shelters open and ready to receive people.

On June 1, three civilians were killed in a Russian air strike in Kyiv while trying to reach an inaccessible bomb shelter.

The incident sparked outrage towards authorities for not ensuring the proper functioning of the civil defense system.