Chicago mail: Bronzeville residents receive mail, packages month and half late, others in South Shore still waiting

Some residents of this Bronzeville building had planned to protest no mail for over a month but Tuesday, they said the finally received their mail.

Video Transcript

MARK RIVERA: Classie Hardney has been waiting for her new prescription and insurance cards to come in her mail since the end of January.

CLASSIE HARDNEY: Why? That's all I can say. Why? Why? Why? No. The post office's just not working. It's not working.

MARK RIVERA: She says she can't pick up her medication without that card and she only has a week left before she runs out.

CLASSIE HARDNEY: I need my asthma pump, I need the blood pressure medicine, and I need the cholesterol medicine. So if I run out I don't know what I can do.

MARK RIVERA: Lorraine Sardin finally had some mail delivered after three weeks but is still waiting on her second stimulus check.

LORRAINE SARDIN: I'm losing sleep over it. It makes me feel sad because it's a bunch of idiots running these government agencies.

MARK RIVERA: Just two of the thousands in Chicago who logged mail complaints seen in a USPS inspector General report published this month. More than 62,000 pieces of mail delayed at just four post offices on the South and West Side of Chicago.

BOBBY RUSH: That's an abject, total, undeniable failure.

MARK RIVERA: Congressman Bobby Rush getting involved today, urging the postmaster to resign and management to be replaced as anger boils over.

- How often do I need to come up here and check for my mail?

MARK RIVERA: The Inspector General recommending postal managers must follow up on carrier absentee rates, in some cases as high as 50%, as well as other mail reporting problems.

LORRAINE SARDIN: And they don't have no compassion for no one but themselves.

MARK RIVERA: And as angry customers wait inside and outside here at the 83rd and Ashland Post Office, the United States Postal Service says they're working to implement the changes recommended in that Inspector General report. And until they do, people here are going to be looking at empty mailboxes.