Over 70 Percent of Dog Owners Admit They Prefer Spending Time with Their Pets over Other People

Dogs over everything!

In a statistic unsurprising to most dog lovers, a new survey found that over 70 percent of dog owners preferred spending time with their pets than with other people.

A new survey conducted by Whistle, a company specializing in wearable health and location trackers for pets, asked 1,000 dog owners in America various questions about their beloved pooches.

Asked whether they enjoyed spending time with their canines more than they liked spending time with other people, one in three respondents said they strongly agreed, while 71 percent said they somewhat agreed.

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According to the survey, pet owners also care deeply about their pets’ wellbeing.

Forty-nine percent of the dog owners surveyed said their dogs were one of their top concerns, with 62 percent sharing they’ve made changes to their own travel plans in order to accommodate their pooches.

Additionally, almost half of all respondents said they at least somewhat agreed that their dog’s health was more of a priority than their own.

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Another new survey found that almost a third of young American couples from all around the country are choosing pet parenthood over having actual human children of their own.

Although the exact numbers varied from state to state, the 3,800 pet owners surveyed by pet supply company Innovet Pet were on average willing to take 4 unpaid days off work in order to care for their pets in case they got sick.

In another example of just how much people care about their pets, over half of the respondents said they actually prioritized their pets’ diets over their own.

Good thing they’re so adorable!