Over 85% of Ukrainians in favor of joining NATO

NATO flag
NATO flag

Sociologists note that support for joining NATO has increased again in recent months, and is the highest in the history of independent Ukraine. The survey suggests 86% of Ukrainians would support this initiative at a referendum, 3% would vote against, and 8% would not vote at all.

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The ranking emphasized that support for accession to the EU and NATO is almost unanimous among representatives of all groups, regardless of region, age, and income level. Accession to the EU would be supported by 87% of respondents.

Researches also asked Ukrainians about their attitude towards establishing a military-political union consisting of Ukraine, Poland, and the UK. 85% of the respondents support this idea, 3% are against, and 7% are indifferent.

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The idea of creating the political-military alliance as a part of Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania is positively perceived by 80% of Ukrainians.

The survey was conducted on January 14-16 across Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied territories and territories without stable mobile reception, with a sample size of 1,000 people and margin of error at 3.1%

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