Over/Under Week 10 - Lamar Jackson

Last year's MVP hasn't lived up to his 2019 level - how will he perform against the Patriots?

Video Transcript

- All right, let's move into our next over under. And it's a player that folks are plenty disappointed in. It's Lamar Jackson. And we're going to set the line here at 23.9 fantasy points. This is a mark, by the way, that he's only cleared three times this year. Yeah, that's not what you want to see from a guy who went as one of the first two quarterbacks off the board.

But I'll get us started here. And I'm actually going to go over in this spot. Folks, don't live in the past, OK? This Patriots defense is not good. They're 31st in Football Outsiders DVOA metrics, because they're old, they're slow, and they had a bunch of players opting out. I think this is the spot where Lamar Jackson and the guys can get rolling here. Just, Greg Roman, get out of the way, OK? Let Lamar go back to some of that no huddle stuff we saw against the Colts last week, and let his athleticism, Brown's athleticism, Dobbins' athleticism, Andrew's athleticism, let him cook against these old and slow Patriots defenders.

Tank, I know you're going to be with me, because they can't rush the passer either. Come on, tell me you're with me on the over here.

- No, I'm going with the under. And I hear all that you're talking. But bruh, Lamar Jackson came out and told the media that teams were calling out the plays, bruh. Like that ain't what you want. Like, I understand that the Jets were able to scrub a whole bunch of points on the Pats. But that was Joe Flacco throwing the ball. My man Lamar-- you remember Any Given Sunday? Do you know when they stole Willie Beamon's invisible juice? Like, they've stolen Lamar's invisible juice. And I don't think we'll get it back against the Pats. I'm going under.

- I don't like that Tank just invoked a player comparison of Willie Beamon and Lamar Jackson. That doesn't make you feel good going into to a match-up. And I also don't love tossing to Minty here who-- we know how she's going to go. But I'm hoping, hoping she's going to say over. Come on. Come on.

- Come on, Minty. Come on, Minty.

- Sorry, Matt. I don't mean to make you feel bad, but under is a play here. I think 23.9 is a lot of fantasy points. And although I think the Ravens can destroy the Patriots, Lamar Jackson doesn't need to do much. Yeah, this New England defense isn't really anything special. But I have to mention that the Ravens are playing the fourth slowest pace in the league. So under is the play for me. Sorry, Matt.