Over/Under Week 15 - Drew Brees

After returning from injury, will the Saints QB have a big passing day vs. the Chiefs? The FFL crew explains.

Video Transcript

- All right. Let's hit up our next over/under here. And we're talking about the return of the great Drew Brees. We're going to set the line at 284 and a 1/2 passing yards. And I'm going to start us off by going under. Listen, I'm happy that Drew Brees is back. I think it obviously installs the version of the Saints offense that fits them the best. You know, Taysom Hill just isn't there yet, in terms of just matriculating the offense down the field with some of those shorter passes. Brees is much better there. But that's kind of the focus here.

I think they're going to be dinking and dunking with Brees back. I think they're going to try to run the ball to keep Pat Mahomes off the field. That's about the only thing you can hope to do, to stave off the eventual onslaught. So I just don't see a big passing production day from Drew Brees in his first game back from like 55 cracked ribs. I didn't even know you could crack that many ribs. I mean, give me a break. Tank, are you also going under on this one?

- I mean, you know I like to go against you pretty often there, Harmon. But I gotta go with you. I'm going under this time, because you make a lot of sense. If you think about the potential game script in order for New Orleans to win, they're going to have to run the ball heavy, whether it's with Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray. And they're also going to be dinking and dunking the ball around a lot. Because do you really want to expose Drew Brees' ribs, trying to hold the ball in the pocket for a deep ball?

So I think just with all the things that you already talked about that, you know, it's gonna be an under affair for Drew Brees today.

- Well, Tank and I are apparently reluctantly on the same side here. I'm going to take some personal offense to that one, Tank. But Liz, can we get a sweep out of this Drew Brees negativity?

- I mean, can we make this the dedication to Minty, this particular over under? I believe she's a Saints fan, too. I'm not quite sure. I know she's a Raiders fan, but maybe a Saints fan, too. This is your day, Minty. Yes, I'm going under. Drew Brees, at 41 years old, back from a whole sternum of messed up-- I don't even-- Matt didn't know you could break that many ribs. I didn't even know how many ribs you got. But he apparently broke all of them.

So he's coming back. And yes, he doesn't have his best weapon, Michael Thomas, right? Well, that's going to do something. What happened last time earlier in the season, when Michael Thomas was out? Oh, not only did Alvin Kamara get all of the run, but he also got all of the passes. He averaged 10 targets a game from weeks 2 through 8. Now admittedly, Emmanuel Sanders wasn't available for two of those match-ups.

But this is going to be an Alvin Kamara, Latavius Murray game, especially against a Kansas City defense that will let you run on them, and trying to play keep away. So let's just absolutely go under on this one and see what else comes up.