Over/Under Week 16 - Ryan Tannehill

FFL Flash Alert - After scoring five total TDs vs. the Lions, will the TItans QB have another big game vs. Green Bay?

Video Transcript

- And we're looking-- we're looking at the Sunday night game. It's-- it's the Titans and Packers. This is going to be a fun one.

Looking at Ryan Tannehill, somebody that we've already discussed on this show, and the number is big. The number's big. It's not for cowards. 23 and 1/2 points, and I think he gets it. I think he goes over.

Again, the over/under in this game is 56 and 1/2. A lot of points expected. There's going to be a little bit of snow, but it doesn't sound like the wind is going to be terrible. You don't have to worry about the weather conditions so much here.

Again, Tannehill over the last five weeks, 14 combined touchdowns. Good shot at a rushing score in this one. The Titans have actually scored at least 30 points in each of their last five games. So like everything about this game from a fantasy perspective, and I think he goes just over this total. Tank, do you agree?

- Hold on one second. Oh, is that a little bit left? Oh, I think I found some leftover minty sauce. Man, I'm definitely going under, dawg. I already told you, I got Derrick Henry rolling a day and Aaron Jones.

Now, I understand the weather's not going to be that bad, but it's 29 degrees, and it's snowing like that ain't football weather. That's just weather where [INAUDIBLE] people chose to go just build this football stadium in the middle of the neighborhood and get some cats to go up there and run around with a the pigskin, like. All I'mma tell you is that-- that Ryan Tannehill is going to have to hand the ball off the Derrick Henry in order to keep A-aron off the field and to win this game. And so therefore, I say he's going under today.

- I cannot believe Hank didn't tighten up with me. Jared, come on, take an over.

- Man, I was looking for some minty sauce. I can't find none. Tank got all of it left, so I'm going over here, man.

And the main reason why is that Derrick Henry is the reason why you open up Tannehill. They have one of the best play action games in the NFL because you have to respect Henry. And when Tannehill can run the ball and throw the ball, I just feel like this is not enough-- and he's going to make more points than this. And he knows [INAUDIBLE] people's fantasy championship. Tannehill knows he needs to score a touchdown.

- Yeah, I love it. He's got that Pro Bowl snub facing him, too. So yes, the over is the correct answer.