Over/Under Week 3 - Ezekiel Elliott

Will the Dallas RB see a lot of touches in the MNF contest vs. Philadelphia?

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: All right, as promised, time for a little "Over/Under" action on Ezekiel Elliott. The people are officially freaking out about how good Tony Pollard looks and how involved he has been in this offense. I certainly did not see that coming, but we're going to set the line here at 16.5 touches for Ezekiel Elliott. And I'm right away going to go over on this one.

Listen, Zeke cleared this number just last week. So I think it's a pretty modest projection here. Overall, like, I think that Tony Pollard and Zeke can actually coexist peacefully because they're using kind of Tony Pollard in these creative ways, which is good. It's smart for Dallas's offense to do that. I like the fact that they're doing it.

But I still think that Zeke can be more just a traditional early down banger, especially in this match-up where I do expect them to beat the Eagles. They're the favorite in this spot. Minty, are you also going over on this number?

MINTY BETS: Well, I am here today to make Andy Behrens proud, and I am going over. Zeke has exceeded-- yes, yes, an over. Yes, thank you. Thank you.

He has exceeded 17 touches in all his games against Philly in recent years. I'm sensing Philly will put a lot of pressure on Dak Monday night and resort to running the ball a lot. In comes Zeke. Let's go over.

LIZ LOZA: Oh, my gosh.

MATT HARMON: I absolutely love it. I think that is a-- that was surprising. But Liz, no way. You're not going to down this party, are you?

LIZ LOZA: I couldn't even pause for you to tee me up. I just had to go. I was so excited. I'm definitely not going to rain on this parade. No, let's just go over. Everything they said. He had 18 touches last week, 16 carries, 2 catches.

Tony Pollard is explosive-- yes. He's seeing more looks out of the backfield-- yes. But game script should lean in Zeke's way in this match-up. As Matt said, they are the 3-point favorites. So over, over, and-- oh, my gosh-- over.

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