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Over/Under Week 3 - Justin Fields

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With the Chicago rookie have a big game vs. the Browns?

Video Transcript

- Now let's get into our first over under. Matt, why don't you take it?

- Yeah. Andy mentioned it. We've got Justin Fields obviously starting in his first game. It's exciting. We all want to watch it. We're going to set the line here at 20 and a 1/2 fantasy points for Justin Fields in his starting debut.

And I'll tell you what boys-- I am obviously going over on this one, because here's the deal with Justin Fields. He scrambled on 16% of his drop backs, this including the pre-season that we've seen him during the NFL time here. Basically, if you're running that much, you can like moonwalk into a QB1 finish.

Even if you're not that efficient as a passer, if you're rushing that much, you have the scoring potential to just immediately walk into a QB1 finish. But also, he did throw deep on 20% of his throws in week two. So we've got the vertical game back for Chicago.

We've got an exciting scrambling game for Chicago. Andy-- I know-- there's like-- let me just go ahead and spoil it. There's 0% chance Andy is going under on this. Am I right or am I right?

- Yeah, I'm sitting here in a Justin Fields shirt and I feel like that alone obligates me to take the over. If I had the opportunity to take the way over I think I would do that as well. I am really excited for this. You mentioned the key points-- the deep passing was a thing. His average air yards per intended target last week-- 10.2.

That's six yards farther than we were seeing from Andy Dalton, who ranked at the bottom of the league. And, you know, there was an Allen Robinson drop in there that is just never going to get dropped again. He deserved a better box score. You mentioned the rushing upside.

I mean, he's given us 50, 60 rushing yards minimum in this thing, so he's basically starting with a touchdown in the bank. And then the match-up against Cleveland-- they've allowed the third most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks already this season. Way over.

- Yeah, my theory on that Allen Robinson misfire there on the vertical pass was he's like, I haven't seen a ball this far down the field accurately thrown since 2015. I don't know how to adjust to this one. So I'm going to give him a pass on that one. But Tank, I will not give you a pass if you don't make this a sweep right here.

- Well, listen, dog. Like, someone has to channel their inner Minty and bring some reason to this conversation. But it ain't going to be me, dog. I'm definitely going over to like-- there's no way that Justin Fields does not hit the over on this one, because, I mean, you already talked about the high flow that he has with his legs.

The Cleveland Browns defense has given up the fourth most fantasy points to quarterbacks. And now I understand that one of those games is against Patrick Mahomes, but my man Tyrod Taylor went 10 for 11, 125 yards, and a passing touchdown. And he had a rushing touchdown, and all that was in pretty much one half.

And so we know Tyrod got a little juice, but he doesn't have the juice that Justin Fields has. So I'm expecting a field of aubergine dreams once this game is over for my man, Justin Fields.

- Yeah, rookie quarterback behind that offensive line versus Myles Garrett. What could possibly go wrong with all three of us going over on this one? We got more over-unders coming up later in this show, but let's toss it over to Liz right now for some sleepers.

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