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Over/Under Week 4 - Allen Robinson

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Will the Chicago WR go over/under 49.5 rec. yards in week 4?

Video Transcript

- Yep, Andy he talks about it, the flaming car accident that is the Chicago Bears. We can't stop talking about it, you can't stop talking about it. Our first over under features-- features Allen Robinson wasting away with the Chicago Bears Thanks to the un-American franchise tag.

We're going to set the line here up at 49 and 1/2 receiving yards and I'm going to go over. I mean, come on, 50 yards? I'm only asking for 50 yards here. Give me a break.

Like if Allen Robinson can't get 50 yards against the defense into the Detroit Lions that is allowing the most completions on 15 plus air yard throws this year, tied with the aforementioned Washington Football Team I talked about at the top. If Allen Robinson can't get 50 yards against this defense, I quit. Not really, bosses, I don't quit, but seriously, 50 yards, that's all I'm asking for here. Andy, you're probably a more sensible man than me, just, I don't know. Just go ahead.

- I'm just-- I'm just wired at this stage, to be completely unable to take the over on any line related to the Chicago Bears. I don't know. I don't know that they can block for a throw that is going to go 15 yards downfield. They certainly couldn't do it against Cleveland.

Andy Dalton wasn't even trying his average air yards per throw. It was like four yards when he was playing. I'm hoping for better for Fields today, it can't get much worse. Robinson doesn't have more than 35 yards in any game this year.

He's had opportunities. I will say that if he's actually able to deliver a 1,000 yard season this year in this team context, this offensive context, he just goes straight to Canton. We don't-- there's no mandatory waiting period, anything like that, he just goes straight to the Hall of Fame.

But I can't-- Listen, I can't take the over here. I'm going under. I'm just hoping for like 45 yards in a score.

- Tank, where are you at on this one, man?

- Like, you're talking about 1,000 yard receiving season for Allen Robinson? I don't know if these cats don't get 1,000 total yards on the season, total offense. Like, this offense is bad, bruh. Like, they're averaging less than 200 yards per game.

Now everybody and they mama knows that they should be able to get more than 200 yards. He should be able to get over 50 yards receiving against the Detroit Lions, but are you willing to bet on that? Yeah, me neither.


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