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Over/Under Week 5 - Jalen Hurts

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Will the Philadelphia QB go over/under 239.5 passing yards in week 4?

Video Transcript

- Yeah, this one's pretty exciting. We're going on Jalen Hurts here. We're going to set the line at 239 and a 1/2 passing yards. And I'm going to go over.

I mean, Jalen Hurts has been a set it and forget it quarterback in Fantasy football right now. We know it's because of the rushing. But also, the Eagles have actually just decided, like we thought maybe they'd be this like creative run-based offense with Hurts's mobility, you know, sort of like what the Ravens had done with Lamar in years past.

No, they're sixth in neutral situation passing rate. Like, this entire thing goes through Jalen Hurts. So even if the Panthers defense has been frisky to start this year, I think Jalen Hurts can get there on volume even through the air, not just on the ground. Andy, what say you?

- Oh, I'm definitely going over on this one. You hit the key points, If Philadelphia is just sort of given up on running the football, that's great to see if you're invested in Jalen Hurts at all. He has 35 or more pass attempts in three or four games so far this season.

He's hit this total three times this season. He's looked really good. Obviously, the rushing stats give him a huge fantasy bonus there, but I think he goes comfortably over this even though Zach Wilson weirdly, the only quarterback to actually achieve this against Carolina so far this season.

- That is very weird, especially if you're watching the game live right now. That doesn't seem to connect in the brain.

- Yes.

- Liz, I saw you doing a lot of nodding there. I am going to guess that you are on the right side of history here with Andy and us as well?

- Yeah, let's bring out the broom. It is a sweep on this one. I mean, not to mention the fact that Hurts has cleared this number in three of his last four games. And also you guys mentioned, you don't need-- as someone who has rostered Myles Sanders someplace, you don't need to tell me how infrequently the Eagles are running the ball.

So, in fact, I believe they have the seventh fewest rushing attempts on the season. Meanwhile, the Panthers, according to rush-specific defensive DVOA, pretty good against the rush. They're ranked number 8.

And we know that they've been struggling without Jaycee Horn in the secondary. So I think the points in this one are going to be via the air. I will take the over.

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