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Over/Under Week 7 - Elijah Mitchell

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Will the SF RB go over/under 13.9 fantasy points in week 7?

Video Transcript

- All right. Over/under number two. And we're going to that Sunday night game between the Colts and Niners. We're going to talk about Elijah Mitchell. And we're looking at Fantasy points this week. 13.9, that seems relatively attainable. I will start us off here. And I'm going to take the over on 13.90.

Only two running backs have done this against the Colts so far this season. They're pretty good. It's Darrell Henderson. It's Derrick Henry. It doesn't have a lot. But Tank pointed it out earlier. That game is going to be played in a monsoon. We're talking driving rain. We're talking high winds. It's going to favor the run. We're going to get a lot of Elijah Mitchell here. And he's clearly running well ahead of Trey Sermon. We don't have to worry about him anymore.

We do probably get Jamycal Hasty back in the mix this week. That's going to be a small concern. But we're only asking for 80 yards in a touchdown here. I think that's what Kyle Shanahan in his heart wants to do, right? He just wants to run the ball all day. And this is going to be a perfect opportunity to do it. So I will take the over. Liz, do you agree?

LIZ LOZA: No. I don't. I want to agree, but I was on fearless forecast for running backs heading into this week. And I projected Elijah Mitchell to go under this number before all of the monsoon talk began, before there was even a forecast for Sunday. And while I think that he is going to see a decent amount of the touches and lead the backfield as he did in week 5.

I mean, we've got Heastie back. Am I so sure that with the slippery conditions this guy, who is a rookie, and by the way, a late round rookie isn't going to fumble, isn't going to slip? Do I think he'll flirt with 80 total yards, 100%, 15 total touches? Sure. I just can't imagine him like finding the end zone or meet/meeting the 100 yard mark. So I do think he goes slightly under this number.

- Oh, I mean, when is Kyle Shanahan ever pulled the rug out from under us in a backfield? Tank, tell us why Elijah Mitchell can be played this week.

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah. I'm going with the over. And once again, I'm throwing all my notes out the window. Like, I understand like the Shanahan, like, the Shanahan's, like that's the thing. But the fact that Lizzie came up to us and said like, he could slip, he could fumble. I mean, you didn't mention it, but he could like end up going out with an injury like could pull a hammy or pull his ego. I mean, there's a lot of what ifs that can happen in the NFL.

But if we want to speak that things that are likely to happen, we know that Shanahan is stubborn with the run. So whether it's Hasty, or Mitchell, or probably a combination of them both, with all this rain and wetness that's coming down out here, I mean, like, for real, like, y'all don't understand how hard it was raining on my way here. Like, I almost didn't make it.

Like, with all that stuff coming down, it's going to be a run heavy game. Like, the only way that he doesn't slip and fall into the end zone is if he just gets caught up in a sink hole and it just gets too muddy for him to make it there. Like, this dude is going over.

- Oh, you'd love to see it. You'd love to see the over winning in these segments.

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