Can You Overdose On COVID Antibodies? Dr. Mallika Marshall Answers Your Vaccine Questions

Dr. Mallika Marshall is answering your coronavirus vaccine-related medical questions.

Video Transcript

- So many questions to answer about the coronavirus and the vaccines as well. WBZ is the only local TV station with a doctor on staff. Dr. Mallika joins us right now to answer some of your questions.

And, Doctor, let's get right to the first one. Gretchen from Swampscott writes, "I have read that people who have had the virus should be careful getting the second vaccine. Should my son get an antibody test after his first vaccine to be sure that he doesn't overdose on the vaccine?" That's from Gretchen.

MALLIKA MARSHALL: So your son is not going to overdose from coronavirus antibodies. But it's true that if you've had COVID in the past, you might have more side effects from the vaccines but they're not dangerous.

Now there is more data suggesting that people who've had COVID in the past, maybe can get away with just getting one COVID vaccine. But right now, the CDC says that if you get Pfizer or Moderna, you still need to get both doses of the vaccine but that could change at some point.

- All right, our second question comes from Carolyn, who writes, "I am 71 years old and had the Pfizer inoculations last month with no side effects at all. Should I go to New Hampshire to get a booster dose?"

MALLIKA MARSHALL: People already looking for more vaccine. So look, first of all, if you didn't get side effects, it does not mean that the vaccine did not work with you. So don't worry about that. But you also don't need a booster shot right now. We know that Pfizer and Moderna say that both of their vaccines work for at least six months, possibly beyond. Both companies have said, however, that you might need a booster at one year, and you might need to get boosters every year from here on out. But until we have more information, we are not recommending booster shots just yet.

- So Carolyn just wants to get more shots until she feels side effects. I guess she wants the side effects. The rest of us don't.


- Dr. Mallika, thank you so much. Of course, Dr. Mallika offers her best advice but as always consult your personal doctor before making any decisions about your health.

If you have a question for Dr. Mallika, there are three ways to reach her. You can email her, On Twitter, her handle is @mallikamarshall. Or you can Facebook message her, Dr. Mallika Marshall. Lisa.