Overjoyed puppy's first run in the forest is a beautiful sight

Raven is an eleven month old Great Dane puppy who is full of energy and enthusiasm for anything that is new and fun. Like all dogs, she loves long walks in new places where the smells and sights are novel and interesting. She enjoys a walk down her street several times a week and there is always somebody to greet or a friendly dog to visit, but walks in the forest get her excited like few things do. Luckily for Raven, she lives in a beautiful area of Ontario, Canada where the nearby forest offers hundreds of trails and a vast expanse of woodland that is rarely busy. She gets walks over new trails several times per week as well. Raven's property is large enough for her to run free and she has been trained to stay in her own yard, so off leash time is frequent for her. Unfortunately, Raven is a spirited puppy with a tendency to forget her manners when she smells or sees a squirrel. For this reason, letting her run free off her property has been unsuccessful. Until now! Raven's owner has been working hard with her on recall training and leash walking. She has been trying her best and making serious progress, so it seemed like a good day to take her deep in the Ganaraska Forest to test out her progress. Dave unclips Raven's leash and tells her she is free to run. She seems unable to believe her good fortune at first and she stares at him in disbelief for a few seconds. Suddenly she understands that she is no longer restrained and she begins to run like a freight train over the trails and through the trees. Anyone who has ever had a Great Dane knows how they are like a bull in a china shop. They are large and powerful and they don't seem to know their own strength. Raven gallops like a horse, back and forth, sniffing and exploring. And to her credit, she came running back to Dave every time she was called. A treat and a pat on the head, along with a little praise, was all it took to keep her in check. Raven came across deer and porcupine tracks, and still kept within sight of her human. This is more than a small feat for a puppy like Raven. After 5km (3 miles) of trails through some of the most beautiful forest in North America, Raven was very tired and happy. As they drove away from the forest, she rested her head on Dave's shoulder and seemed on the verge of sleep. She sighed with contentment as she was told that she had been such a good puppy that she would get another chance for running free the following day. To see an overjoyed Great Dane at full gallop through snowy forest is a breath taking sight!