Owner's yard sign warns neighbors about dog for hilarious reason: 'I have never related so much to another creature'

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A photo of a dog owner’s warning to their neighbors has Redditors cracking up.

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User u/micindra posted the photo in Reddit’s “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?” forum, writing, “found in the wild, couldn’t resist posting.” Somehow the Reddit poster snapped the image at precisely the right time.

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“If you see a little dog near this sign… please don’t worry, she is not lost, she lives here,” the message read. “Her name is Chrissy and she is sulking. She is very friendly and loves fuss but she refuses to come inside unless we give her one of her treats. We are out of treats.”

“If you witness her faking her own death by laying in the road and pretending she has been run over, walk on by, she is just looking for sympathy as she has had no treats. Thanks.”

Unsurprisingly, the photo found Chrissy in the background, “faking her own death” in the yard.

People shared some of the dirty tricks their dogs play on them.

“The fact that the dog is in the background acting in the exact behavior has me absolutely unleashed,” a Redditor replied.

“I have a very tiny dog. When he’s upset he climbs up one of his tiny staircases, to the couch or bed, and threatens to jump off the edge. We have to go running to save him,” a person commented.

“I’m glad I can pick up my dog because she’s 100% petty enough to do this,” another said.

“My dog used to stand by the door and shiver to make us feel bad and let her in right away. It worked well on us until the weather got much warmer,” a user wrote.

“I have never related so much to another creature on this earth,” someone joked.

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