Who owns most expensive hotels in Odesa and how pricey are they — NV review

Odesa beaches began to receive vacationers

At the end of summer, Ukrainians were finally allowed to swim in the sea. But Odesa remains the only safe seaside city in Ukraine so far. Who is set to capitalize on Ukrainians' love for lounging on beaches?

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In mid-August, Odesa Regional Administration allowed vacationers to take a dip in the Black Sea and opened six city beaches. Despite Russian attacks, almost all hotels in the city are open, more than ten of them with five stars. Who owns them?

Analysts at YouControl’s R&D center studied the list of the most famous hotels in Odesa, which was prepared by NV Business.

Bristol Hotel

The five-star hotel in the heart of Odesa on Pushkinska Street is located in a historic Baroque building built in 1899. It has 113 rooms of seven different types. There is a lobby bar, restaurants Le Grand Café Bristol and kosher Bristol Kosher, as well as conference rooms, a spa area with a fitness room, swimming pool, saunas, and more.

Bristol, together with the four-star Londonska Hotel[1]  and the three-star Passage Hotel are part of the portfolio of the multi-brand Ukrainian management company Vertex Hotel Group (VHG). According to news sources, it is within the sphere of influence of businessmen Boris Kaufman and Oleksandr Hranovsky. The latter, according to news sources, changed his name and is referred to as Alex Borukhovich.

In December 2022, they were detained by detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau on suspicion of creating a criminal organization and bribing officials.

The owner of TM Bristol is PJSC Londonska-Bristol, which is registered at the same address as the Bristol Hotel. As of Q2 2023, the shareholder of the company is Kagran LLC, which, in turn, belongs to the offshore Ayenpi Enterprises Ltd.

Cost of stay: from UAH 4,200 ($114) per day with breakfast.

Nemo Hotel Resort & SPA

This five-star hotel on Odesa’s Black Sea coast has 180 rooms, 9 heated pools, a jacuzzi, a sports complex, a kids club, restaurants, and more.

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The hotel’s owner is Nerum LLC. 36% of the authorized capital of this company belongs to Raisa Kislovska, the mother of Andriy Kislovskiy, a member of the Odesa City Council. It should be noted that Nerum LLC is a subsidiary of Dolphinarium Nemo LLC, registered in the temporarily occupied Crimea and included in the Russian Federation’s register of companies. Raisa and Andriy Kislovskiy did not respond to a request from NV Business about whether they have access to the assets in Crimea.

Cost of stay: from UAH 10,600 ($287) thousand per day with breakfast.

Villa le Premier

The five-star hotel complex Villa le Premier is located by the Great Fountain area on the site of an old villa and has been operating since 2012. It has a swimming pool. The complex itself is close to the beach and the popular Ibiza Club.

The owner of the real estate at the address of the hotel is Villa Le Premier LLC. Since the end of 2018, Odesa businessman Olexandr Perevyazko has been the sole member of the company. According to local media, a portion of the company was earlier held by the Matuzenko family, which claimed there was a corporate conflict in the company

Villa le Premier is under the management of Maestro Hotel Management.

Cost of stay: from UAH 5,000 ($135) per day with breakfast.

M1 Club Hotel

The M1 Club Hotel operates in the center of Shevchenko Park on the Black Sea coast. It has 68 rooms, a 24-hour lobby bar, and restaurant on the roof. There is also a conference room and a spa area with a summer pool and sauna.

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The land on which the hotel is located is owned by Pidvodniy Myslyvets LLC. The company is equally owned (25% each) by 3 individuals — Eduard Kim, Pavlo Kulikovsky, and Vitaly Tamartsev from Odesa, as well as Financial Partner+ LLC, which is registered  in Kyiv. All of them are also co-owners of another company, PE SPS-Realt, which is the owner of real estate on Lanzheron beach. The owner of Financial Partner+ LLC is Anastasiya Zhalkovska, who according to the Nashi Hroshi website, is the daughter of former Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Kozak.

The tenant of premises of the M1 hotel in Odesa is Club Hotel M-1 LLC. Its owner is Olena Baranek. The company is headed by Eduard Rezhinsky, who is the head and co-owner of Maestro Hotel Management, which runs the management and construction of premium 4–5-star hotel complexes and hotels, as well as premium restaurants.

Cost of stay: from UAH 7,000 ($190) per day with breakfast.

Kadorr Hotel Resort & Spa

It’s a fifteen-minute drive from the Kadorr Hotel to Odesa’s historic center. The hotel is located on Frantsuzkiy Boulevard, near Arkadia. It has 25 rooms with panoramic views of the Black Sea, as well as a classic restaurant, a fitness center, a spa area with two pools, a Turkish-Roman bathhouse, and a Finnish sauna.

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The owner of the hotel is Kador-Hotel LLC, which is part of Kadorr Group investment and construction holding. The key persons of the group are Syrian-born Odesa businessman Adnan Kivan and his wife Olha Pavlova. The assets of Kadorr Group include cottage settlements and club houses on the Black Sea coast, business centers, shopping and hotel complexes, spa centers and fitness clubs, restaurants, a children's entertainment and educational complex, and a comprehensive school.

Cost of stay: from UAH 6,000 ($163) per day with breakfast.

Il Decameron Luxury Design Hotel

From Il Decameron, you can quickly get to the sights of Odesa like the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Assumption Cathedral, and the Duke de Richelieu monument. Some rooms have a private terrace. The hotel also has a bar and a restaurant.

This hotel is also part of the Maestro Hotel Management network. The hotel address is the same as the registered address of Maestro Hotels Management LLC, which is led and made up of Eduard Rezhinsky.

Cost of stay: from UAH 4,000 ($108) per day with breakfast.

Boutique Hotel California

The five-star Hotel California opened in 2012. It is located in the central part of Odesa on Yevreyska street. The building is an architectural monument, built in 1850 by Italian-born Odesa architect Franz Morandi. The hotel features a gym and a spa area with saunas and a swimming pool.

According to the ua-region business directory, the hotel belongs to Mifal LLC, which is registered at the hotel’s address. The members of the company are Maria 3 LTD and also U.K. Management Group L.P., USA, whose beneficiary is U.S. citizen Katherine Elizabeth Kleinman.

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Dizhero LLC is the owner of the trademark of Hotel California and the property on which the hotel is located. The beneficiary of Dizhero LLC is US citizen Yulia Gurevich, who, according to media reports,, is the chief manager of the R. Reklama media holding, Russian-language outlet in the United States. The CEO of R.Reklama is Pavel Shmukler, a U.S. entrepreneur of Odesa origin, whom media reports have linked to the Hotel California.

Yulia Gurevich is the beneficiary of more than 20 companies in Ukraine, which mainly operate in the real estate sector, as well as the Russian Advertising company, whose main activity is newspaper publishing.

Cost of stay: from UAH 1,700 ($46) per day with breakfast.

Hotel Panorama De Luxe

The hotel has 33 rooms of five different classes of accommodation. It contains a business center, a restaurant, a rooftop terrace with panoramic sea views, a fitness room, and a spa area with outdoor and indoor pools.

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Panorama De Luxe LLC is registered at the hotel’s address, and is owned by Volodymyr Anosov of Odesa. The company is headed by Iryna Zadorozhna, who is also the head of Panorama Service LLC, which is also registered at the hotel’s address. The founder of the company is Natalya Bykova, who is the owner of the Panorama De Luxe trademark.

Cost of stay: from UAH 7,000 ($190) with breakfast

Hotel Otrada

The hotel is located in the area of Frantsuzkiy Boulevard, by the sea and not far from the city center. It has 30 rooms of different price classes. There are two restaurants serving European and Ukrainian cuisines, as well as a gym, outdoor pool, and a beach.

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According to the ua-region business directory, the hotel belongs to Otrados, which is itself owned by Lyudmila Kalmykova, the co-owner of more than 10 companies in Odesa Oblast. In addition, according to a report on periodic monitoring of the effectiveness of Odesa city tourist tax, this tax is paid by the company Otrada-Service. Its owner is former Odesa City Council deputy Serhii Dyablo.

He and Ihor Fruman are the owners of the hotel’s trademark. Fruman has US citizenship, and in 2019 was arrested in the US on suspicion of violating campaign finance laws with his activities in support of the Republican Party and the election campaign of Donald Trump.

Cost of stay: from UAH 1,650 ($45) for two without breakfast.

Hotel Ribas Duke

The 5-star Ribas Duke Hotel is located opposite the Opera House and next to Primorsky Boulevard. Nearby is the famous Deribasovska Street, the monument to the Duke de Richelieu, the Potemkin Steps, and the Vorontsov Palace with a colonnade and a picturesque view of the Odesa port. The hotel offers 41 comfortable rooms. There is also a spa area with a swimming pool, Finnish sauna, and hammam.

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According to the ua-region business catalog, the Duke Hotel belongs to Zhanna Dmitrieva, who owns Universal Marine Management LLC, which works in the repair and maintenance of ships and boats.

Between March 2007 and June 2008, she also led the now-defunct state enterprise Ukrferry Tour, owned by the shipping company Ukrferry LLC of Odesa businessman Oleksandr Kurlyand.

At the same time, it should be noted that the hotel is part of the Ribas Hotels Group chain, owned by Artur Lupashko.

Cost of stay: from UAH 2,600 ($70) with breakfast.


The hotel is located on the first coastline in Arkadia, five kilometers from the railway station and a 10-minute drive from the city’s historical and business center. The Portofino Hotel Beach Resort hosts a restaurant, banquet hall, summer lounge area, beach, outdoor pool, and wood-fired sauna. The roof holds the Belle Vue terrace, designed for special occasions.

According to the publication Dumskaya, the hotel belongs to the former Deputy Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration and former Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Olexandr Malin. He is a co-owner (50%) of Tantor-K LLC, which owns the property on Arkadia beach where the complex is located.

The second member of the company is Valery Brykulsky.

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It should be noted that in August 2023, a request was filed with Ukrpatent for the registration of the Portofino Hotel Beach Resort trademark. The applicant is Konstantin ValeriyovychBrykulsky, who is most likely (by the matching of his last name and patronymic) a relative of Valery Brykulsky.

Cost of stay: from UAH 3,430 ($93) per day without breakfast.

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