Ozzie Guillen made Michael Jordan buy beer for the White Sox

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Guillen made Michael Jordan buy beer for White Sox originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest ever to pick up a basketball.

In his time, Jordan led the Bulls to six NBA championships, racking up five MVP awards, 11 All-NBA teams and 14 All-Star appearances. He averaged over 30 points in the span of his career and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009.

After winning three straight championships from 1991-93, Jordan decided to pursue his childhood dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. During his hiatus from basketball, he took to the White Sox to help him make his dream come true.

But, his championship rings and international stardom meant nothing to the clubhouse. He was a rookie on the White Sox.

"The bus for some reason ran out of beer," former White Sox player/manager Ozzie Guillen said on NBC Sports Chicago. "We've got to stop. I told Mike Cameron, Ray Durham and Michael Jordan -- 'We will stop there.' I told the guy make sure you're stopping in the gas station. Made those guys go there, get the beer.

"Michael Jordan walk with the beers to the bus and he threw them right in my lap to say 'Here's your beer.'"

Jordan was always the king of the hill during his days with the Bulls. He constantly picked on younger guys and got whatever he wanted. But, with the White Sox, they looked at him no differently than a guy that hit .202 in the minors.

The basketball legend got back at them by smoking a cigar on the bus, which Guillen said no one had the guts to comment on the smell filling the bus and staining their clothes.

A memorable story to remember between two Chicago sports legends.

"It's a rookie guy," Guillen said. "He was a superstar back in the basketball court. In the White Sox, I was a captain. Besides me, I got Robin Ventura protecting me. They said 'Send them' and we did."

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