Pa. COVID vaccine finder Facebook page helps people get appointments

The Pa. COVID Vaccine Matchmaker Facebook page is the brainchild of Dr. Christine Meyer of Chester County.

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- We turn now to Action News's Walter Perez, live in the satellite center. Walter, this is the question everyone is asking.

WALTER PEREZ: That's right, Brian. As you know, there are a lot of resources out there. And this one is really great. It's called the PA COVID Vaccine Match Maker page on Facebook. Now, I know it sounds like a strange dating site, but it's not. In fact, the goal of this page is saving lives.

The PA COVID Vaccine Match Maker page is the brainchild of Dr. Christine Meyer from Chester County, who says it was very early in the vaccination rollout when she realized the process of getting a shot was much tougher than she expected. So--

CHRISTINE MEYER: Our Facebook group has basically emerged as a place where all that information is collated and easy to find and, most importantly, kept up-to-date. Literally minute to minute, the information on there is reliable.

WALTER PEREZ: The page has been up for two months now, and simply put, it's become very popular.

CHRISTINE MEYER: We already have like 64,000 people in the group. We've made over 14,000 vaccine appointments. I honestly never in a million years saw that coming.

WALTER PEREZ: People who access the page are basically broken down into two groups-- those seeking an appointment and those who help the seekers get that shot. Those so-called finders are led by Lauren Marohn, who's also the page manager. She says that while the pathway to a vaccine varies from person to person, most should start at the same location.

LAUREN MAROHN: Make sure that you're signed up on your patient portals through any health care system. If you've been in Main Line health system, if you've been in Chester County Penn system, make sure that you're signed up for those.

WALTER PEREZ: From there, Marohn says, keep an eye on our page and be patient, Dr. Meyer adding that she is dedicated to keeping the PA COVID Match Maker page in place and continually updated, simply because of what's at stake.

CHRISTINE MEYER: When you think about the motivations for this vaccine, people are trying to save their lives or save their parents lives. The fact that they've had to go to these lengths is just astonishing to me.

WALTER PEREZ: Now, for more tips and tricks, check out my full interviews with Dr. Meyer and Lauren Marohn on our family of streaming apps on platforms including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Android TV. Reporting live from the satellite center, Walter Perez, channel 6, Action News. Sarah.

- All right. Thank you, Walter.

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