PA Expands Travel Quarantine List Again, Now Up To 26 States

PENNSYLVANIA — The number of states on Pennsylvania's travel quarantine list continues to grow, as health officials look to contain the spread of the virus from other hotspots around the country.

Alaska, Indiana, and North Carolina are now on the list, bringing the total number of states to 26. This comes just days after four new states were added on Oct. 7. In the last update, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming were put on the list.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health initially announced quarantine recommendations on July 2.

Here is the current full list of states which Pennsylvania leaders have identified as "at-risk" due to a high rate of the virus:

  • Alabama

  • Alaska

  • Arkansas

  • Florida

  • Idaho

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Iowa

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky

  • Minnesota

  • Mississippi

  • Missouri

  • Montana

  • Nebraska

  • Nevada

  • North Carolina

  • North Dakota

  • Oklahoma

  • South Carolina

  • South Dakota

  • Tennessee

  • Texas

  • Utah

  • Wisconsin

  • Wyoming

Pennsylvanians who have been to these 26 states recently should quarantine for a full 14 days upon their return, authorities.

Travel increases your chances of getting coronavirus, health officials warn, and it's recommended to avoid traveling for the time being if possible.

When the first travel quarantine list was put out, officials had included just 15 states.

This article originally appeared on the Montgomeryville-Lansdale Patch