PA secretary of state: 'Not quite clear' who winner is

Boockvar said the official determination of the election outcome in Pennsylvania will take some time, given how close the election is there.

In Pennsylvania, where Trump is narrowly leading but Biden is making gains, the Trump campaign and other Republicans have already filed various legal challenges.

An appeals court in Pennsylvania on Thursday ordered that Trump campaign officials be allowed to more closely observe ballot processing in Philadelphia, which led to a brief delay in the count.

Pennsylvania Democrats on Thursday filed papers in the U.S. Supreme Court saying although they would not oppose the Trump campaign's bid to intervene in a pending appeal in which Republicans seek to block late-arriving mail-in ballots in the state, it was premature for the court to act on the motion.

Video Transcript

KATHRYN BOOCKVAR: The final results are not certified until 20 days after the election, right? So I want to be clear there's no final results happening now anyway. What's happening now is having enough ballots counted to actually see who the winner is, right? The farther apart that is, the easier it is to tell.

So it's very close in Pennsylvania, right? There's no question. And so that means it's going to take longer to actually see who the winner is.

But I can tell you that-- that there's several hundred thousand ballots remaining to be counted. You can track all that-- what counties it remains in. Look at our website, and you'll be able to see how-- how we get to the conclusion.

But, you know, either way, I want to be clear that these are just the mail-in and absentee votes and the in-person votes, right? The overwhelming majority-- like, I think, you know, a huge, huge majority of the in-person votes have been counted. We're in a very good place with the mail-in and absentee ballots but not quite there yet. But then there's still going to be provisional ballots-- the military, and overseas ballots, and so forth.

So the closer the race is, the longer it takes. But I think what I've said all along is that the overwhelming majority of ballots will be counted by Friday. I still think that we're ahead of the schedule, and we actually already have counted the overwhelming majority of ballots. But because it's a close race, it's not quite clear yet who the winner is.