Pac-12 Network horror story: Miami resident explains how hard it was to find USC game on TV

It’s hard enough to find Pac-12 Network games if you live in the Western United States and have DirecTV. Imagine the challenge of finding Pac-12 Network if you live on the opposite coast of the country … say Miami, for instance.

Trojans: Wired podcast producer Ian Hest lives in South Florida. He naturally wanted to watch the USC-Oregon State game just like every other college football fan. That was a very big game on Saturday night.

We won’t give away the whole story here. You can listen to Ian talk about his adventure on a new episode of the Trojans: Wired podcast. We can say, however, that in Miami — and, one can assume, other markets in the South or the East — Pac-12 Network is not available on the basic or just-above-basic cable tiers for various regional providers. Consumers who are focused on being able to watch SEC or ACC football would have to go out of their way to pay more to get Pac-12 Network. It’s no wonder that the idea of watching a game on Pac-12 Network is, for a lot of Americans outside the West, a complete waste of time. Why even try if a Pac-12 game is not on ESPN or Fox?

Listen to Ian tell his story. It’s both hilarious and sad:


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire