PaddleHeads' roster will include comedian

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Jun. 29—Listen to him on Wednesdays, see him play next Tuesday.


Joe List, the co-host of the PBL Roundup Show, is going to be suited up with the Missoula PaddleHeads when they begin a three-game series with the Glacier Range Riders July 5 at Flathead Field.

It's a little bit of Bill Veeck meets Garth Brooks, but then again this is minor league baseball.

"We have a weekly show, he's one of our co-hosts and has a movie ("Fourth of July") coming out that he and Louis CK did together," Pioneer League president Mike Shapiro said by phone. "He's been absolutely terrific.

"So I threw the idea out to him: 'Hey, how would you like to play one night?' He'll be with Missoula, in uniform, on July 5. It's possible he'll get in the game, if there's a blowout or something. He might get an at-bat. That's at the manager's discretion. I can't dictate what (PaddleHeads skipper) Michael Schlacht does of course."

List is a 40-year-old Massachusetts native who is not to be confused with Joe Lis, who played eight years (1970-77) in the majors with Philadelphia, Minnesota, Cleveland and Seattle.

List has no minor-league statistics, but has released four comedy discs. The PBL Show runs at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, and has included interviews with Charles Barkleyk, Pete Rose, Miami Marlins general manager Kim Ng and 1990 World Series MVP Jose Rijo.