Painesville Speedway hosts truck race in support of veterans

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Jul. 17—CRS Supertrucks and Ride with Valor will host the Connie Kerr Memorial Race on July 30 at Painesville Speedway that will support local veterans.

Ride with Valor is an organization that works to provide support and care for local veterans by providing them with needed supplies and care through donations and volunteer work.

"Over the last few years this series has really done a lot for veterans," said Jeff Faubert, a Ride with Valor volunteer and community outreach member. "Every year they pick a different charity to support, this year they choose Ride with Valor and we are very grateful to have their support. We know it's going to do a lot of good and be a lot of fun. It's all in support of the troops."

The event will feature up to 20 trucks racing for the public and will have locations for attendees to donate items to support people within their community.

"Our guests are going to see some exciting racing action on the tracks," said Billy Strehle, owner of CRS Supertrucks. "Several off our drivers are veterans, we do this to support them."

Strehle hosts this event each year as a means of giving back to the veterans in honor of their service as well as his late father, who was a veteran. He is asking for anyone who comes to consider donating lightly worn clothing, toothbrushes, mops, card or board games or any other typical household items.

"The way you can help is really simple, you'd be surprised the things that make a difference, any new or lightly worn clothing, toothbrushes, games, any typical household objects can help and we will gladly accept then and give them out for our veterans," he said.

The gates will be open at 1 p.m. with the races beginning at 3 and lasting until 6 p.m. The Painesville Raceway is located at 500 Fairport Nursery Road.

Admission to the event will cost $12 at the door.

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