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Painfully adorable TikTok reveals that puppy yoga and coconut oil do not mix

A man learned the hard way that puppy yoga and coconut oil are a bad combo—at least if you don’t want a lot of extra attention from the puppies!

A TikToker who goes by @thestoicgiraffe recorded a truly hilarious video at a puppy yoga event. A man was attempting to follow the yoga instructions, but was thoroughly distracted by a puppy who wouldn’t stop licking his beard. It turned out the puppy was attracted to the coconut oil the man used to keep his beard moisturized!

The video begins with a shot of what appears to be a normal yoga class. People lie on rows of multi-colored yoga mats, their legs crossed over their knees in a stretch. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary yoga class: There are puppies everywhere!

The people in the video are attending a class where they can do yoga surrounded by adorable puppies. The puppies have been let loose inside the classroom and are happily running back and forth between yoga practitioners. However, one man is getting more attention than the rest.

The video zooms in to show a man lying on a blue yoga mat in the center of the room. A tiny puppy is sitting next to his head, with its paws on its face. Instead of running around and playing, the puppy is refusing to leave the man’s side.

As the video zooms in even more, it is revealed that the puppy is focused on licking the man’s beard. The man is smiling and giggling as he attempts to follow the yoga instructions, despite the adorably distracting puppy.

Finally, the secret to the man’s appeal to the puppy is revealed: He has coconut oil in his beard! “It’s the coconut oil!” the man says to the TikToker, giggling as the video ends.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable video!

“Drench myself in coconut oil before puppy yoga: noted,” one dog-lover commented.

“I feel like my soul would be healed by a puppy yoga class,” another viewer wrote.

“Puppy just found his person,” commented another TikToker.

It seems like both the man and the puppy had a yoga class to remember!

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