Painting on Interpol wanted list to be auctioned in Moscow

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A painting that was transferred to the Simferopol Art Museum following Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 has appeared on the list of a Moscow auction house, Ukrainian law expert and former Crimean Prosecutor Gyunduz Mamedov reported on X on Feb. 13.

The artwork, "Moonlit Night," was painted in 1878 by Ivan Aivazovsky. The painting was reportedly being exhibited in Mariupol at the time of Crimea's annexation but was sent back to Crimea against the wishes of the Ukrainian authorities.

"This canvas was among 52 paintings that were illegally transferred to the Simferopol Art Museum in Crimea," Mamedov said.

"In 2017, Interpol, at the request of Crimea's Prosecutor's Office, put the paintings on the international wanted list."

"Russia openly disregards International Law, as according to the 1970 UNESCO Convention, the export of Cultural Properties and transfer of ownership is prohibited," Mamedov said.

The auction is set to take place on Feb. 18, according to the website of the auction house.

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