Pakistan v England LIVE: T20 cricket result and scorecard as England cruise to 63-run win

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England suffered a bruising defeat in the second T20I of this seven-match series as an unbelievable batting display from Pakistan openers, Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam, saw them knock off 200 runs without losing a wicket. Luckily for England it is a quick turnaround with the third T20 coming just a day after they slumped to defeat.

Yesterday, Moeen Ali won the toss and elected to bat first. England started slowly though there were solid contributions from Phil Salt (30), Ben Duckett (43) and Harry Brook (31) before Moeen himself (55*) ended the innings in style propelling England to 199-5 at the halfway stage.

It was a total that seemed out of reach for Pakistan who, two days previously, had only managed to score 158. With no choice but to attack to keep up with the 10 runs per over rate Rizwan and Babar got to work. They were near flawless with one chance – a dropped catch by Alex Hales – the only blemish in their partnership. Rizwan ended up with 88* and Babar (110*) scored his second T20I hundred to get Pakistan over the line at a canter. The series is now level at 1-1 and is well poised for more drama and excitement this evening.

Follow all the action from Karachi as Pakistan host England in the third T20 of the series:

Pakistan vs England

  • Wicket! Haris Rauf 4 (2) c. Curran b. Wood, Pakistan 149-8 (18.5)

  • Wicket! Usman Qadir 0 (1) run out Moeen Ali, Pakistan 143-7 (18.2)

  • Wicket! Mohammad Nawaz 19 (21) c. Brook b. Rashid, Pakistan 142-6 (18)

  • 50! Shan Masood brings up his first international 50 for Pakistan

  • 100 UP! Pakistan reach three figures

  • Wicket! Khushdil Shah 29 (21) c. Brook b. Rashid, Pakistan 90-5 (11.5)

  • 50 partnership! Masood and Khushdil lead Pakistan’s recovery

  • 50 UP! Shan Masood smokes Rashid over cover for four to bring up Pakistan’s half-century

  • Wicket! Iftikhar Ahmed 6 (7) c. Topley b. Curran, Pakistan 28-4 (5.3)

  • Wicket! Haider Ali 3 (5) c. Rashid b. Wood, Pakistan 21-3 (4.1)

  • Wicket! Mohammad Rizwan 8 (14) b. Topley, Pakistan 21-2 (4)

  • Wicket! Babar Azam c. Topley b. Wood, Pakistan 17-1 (2.4)

  • England bat first after Babar Azam wins the toss

  • End of innings: England 221-3 (20), Duckett 70*, Brook 81*

  • Seven-match series level at 1-1

  • Third T20 between England and Pakistan in Karachi

England win by 63 runs!

19:03 , Michael Jones

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England win by 63 runs!

19:00 , Michael Jones

What a fabulous performance from England especially after the disappointment of losing yesterday.

The batters did the most damage by setting a massive score of 221 before Reece Topley and Mark Wood put the tourists in control with the early wickets of Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan and Haider Ali.

The only resistance came from Shan Masood who carried his bat to finish 65 not out but he ran out of partners and the run rate got away from the hosts.

End of innings: Pakistan 158-8 (20), Masood 65, Hasnain 6, Topley 1-22 (4), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:57 , Michael Jones

England win by 63 runs! Shahnawaz Hasnain picks up four runs off Reece Topley’s final ball but they run out of time and with wickets tumbling early on they couldn’t recover.

Pakistan 149-8 (19), Masood 61, Hasnain 0, Wood 3-25 (4) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:54 , Michael Jones

Mark Wood finishes with strong figures of 3-25 from his four overs. It’s been a brilliant return to the England team for him with his extra pace doing the early damage in Pakistan’s run chase.

Wicket! Haris Rauf 4 (2) c. Curran b. Wood, Pakistan 149-8 (18.5)

18:52 , Michael Jones

A short but sweet innings from Haris Rauf who edges his first ball away for four before spooning a simple catch to Sam Curran. Mark Wood has three wickets!

Wicket! Usman Qadir 0 (1) run out Moeen Ali, Pakistan 143-7 (18.2)

18:49 , Michael Jones

Out first ball! Usman Qadir pushes Mark Wood to mid-off and desperately wants to get off strike. He tries to steal a single to Moeen Ali who picks up and throws down the stumps in one fluid motion.

Pakistan are seven down now.

Pakistan 142-6 (18), Masood 61, Usman 0, Rashid 2-32 (4) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:47 , Michael Jones

Two wickets for Adil Rashid tonight from his four overs. It’s a decent effort from the England legspinner.

Wicket! Mohammad Nawaz 19 (21) c. Brook b. Rashid, Pakistan 142-6 (18)

18:45 , Michael Jones

Six down! Mohammad Nawaz tries to clear the ropes as well sends his effort straight to Harry Brook at long-off!

Pakistan 142-5 (17.4), Masood 61, Nawaz 19, Rashid 1-32 (3.4) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:44 , Michael Jones

Review! Adil Rashid thinks he’s snuck one under the bat of Shan Masood and England want to look at the replay for lbw. It’s clear almost immediately that Masood’s reverse sweep took the edge.

Both he and Nawaz take singles from the first two balls before Masood dances down the pitch and smokes one over the ropes for six!

That’s also a 50 partnership between these two!

Pakistan 133-5 (17), Masood 54, Nawaz 18, Topley 1-13 (3) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:40 , Michael Jones

Reece Topley has had a good night so far and is called back into action to keep it tight with various speeds and lengths.

Just six runs come from it and England are cruising to a mammoth win here in Karachi.

Pakistan 127-5 (16), Masood 50, Nawaz 16, Curran 1-37 (4), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:37 , Michael Jones

Pakistan need 107 from 30 balls which will take a miracle in all honesty. Sam Curran will finish off his four overs. It’s been another decent if unspectacular effort from the all-rounder who’s got a wicket and hasn’t gone for many runs.

Curran looks for the yorker but Masood drops deep into his crease and spanks the ball over wide mid-on for six! He also brings up his first 50 in international cricket!

Pakistan 115-5 (15), Masood 41, Nawaz 15, Wood 2-18 (3), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:31 , Michael Jones

England’s most destructive bowler, Mark Wood, is brought back on to bowl at Mohammad Nawaz. He flung a delivery down at 97mph earlier in the match which is crazy quick.

Pace isn’t everything though if the line isn’t good. He’s off target and Nawaz guides the ball down to fine leg for four runs!

Bang! A slower ball from Wood is pounced on by Nawaz who smokes him over cover and earns another boundary. 10 runs come from the over.

Pakistan 105-5 (14), Masood 41, Nawaz 5, Curran 1-25 (3), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:26 , Michael Jones

Curran gets another over and does well to keep it tight with three runs coming from the first four balls.

He targets the base of the stumps and makes it tricky for the batters to get underneath the ball and work it away to the boundary. Just five runs come from the over.

Pakistan 100-5 (13), Masood 39, Nawaz 2, Moeen 0-30, Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:22 , Michael Jones

100 up for Pakistan! Shan Masood is playing a lone hand for Pakistan and is picking up boundaries when they’re on offer. A single for Nawaz ends the over and brings up the host’s 100.

Nine from the over.

Pakistan 91-5 (12), Masood 32, Nawaz 0, Rashid 1-24 (3), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:20 , Michael Jones

Mohammad Nawaz is the new batter but Shan Masood is on strike for the final ball of Rashid’s third over and his guides it away for one.

Wicket! Khushdil Shah 29 (21) c. Brook b. Rashid, Pakistan 90-5 (11.5)

18:18 , Michael Jones

Another one! Khushdil looks to go over the top of long-off but doesn’t connect well enough and spoons the ball straight to Harry Brook.

Adil Rashid has his first wicket!

Pakistan 90-4 (11.4), Masood 32, Khushdil 29, Rashid 0-23 (2.4), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:17 , Michael Jones

More spin from England as Rashid comes back on.

The field is well placed for the ball angled across the left-handed batters and Masood picks out the boundary rider and is limited to one.

Pakistan 86-4 (11), Masood 31, Khushdil 27, Moeen 0-22 (2), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:15 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali brings himself back one. Pakistan in effect need two boundaries every over and anything less than that is a good effort from England.

Three singles bring up the 50 partnership between this pair.

Six! That was needed! Five singles come from the first five balls before Masood whacks one over cow corner for a maximum!

Pakistan 75-4 (10), Masood 24, Khushdil 24, Curran 1-20 (2) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:10 , Michael Jones

Pakistan have recovered slightly but they’ve still got a long way to go. Roughly 150 runs needed off the last 10 overs with only six wickets in hand. These two batters need to stay in until the end if they’ve got any hope of winning the game.

Pakistan 75-4 (10), Masood 24, Khushdil 24, Curran 1-20 (2) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:09 , Michael Jones

Here’s Sam Curran for another go.

He cramps Masood for room but the Pakistan batters run well between the stumps and scramble back for two as the ball rolls into the legside.

A pull shot brings one as Curran rolls his fingers over the ball to send it down slower.

Six! Khushdil Shah swivels on top of a short ball and guides it over backward square leg for a maximum. 15 runs from the over as Masood ramps Curran for four more from the last delivery.

Pakistan 60-4 (9), Masood 17, Khushdil 16, Rashid 0-20 (2) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:04 , Michael Jones

Shan Masood collects two before lifting Rashid over extra-cover to earn four more! That shot brings up the Pakistan 50 as well.

A full toss from Rashid then gets despatched into the stands for six! This is fine batting from Masood. 14 runs come from that over as the hosts look to get back into this game.

Pakistan 46-4 (8), Masood 4, Khushdil 15, Moeen 0-11 (1) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

18:01 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali brings himself on now with two left-handers at the crease. The run-rate is nearly up to 5rpo and Khushdil does his best to bring it down with a glorious swipe over cover for six!

11 runs come from Moeen’s first over. 176 needed from 72 balls.

Pakistan 35-4 (7), Masood 2, Khushdil 6, Rashid 0-6 (1) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:58 , Michael Jones

With runs on the board Moeen Ali gives Adil Rashid a slip as the legspinner comes on to replace Mark Wood. Khushdil works him away for one to brings Shan Masood on strike but he’s a little wary with the first couple of deliveries.

A drive down the ground brings him one but England continue to strangle Pakistan, even a reverse sweep from Khashdil - that brings him four - sends the run rate even higher.

Pakistan 29-4 (6), Masood 1, Khushdil 1, Curran 1-5 (1) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:55 , Michael Jones

The powerplay ends with Pakistan in deep trouble. Khushdil Shah gets going off the last ball of the over but the hosts are well behind the run rate.

29 runs from the first six overs and already four wickets down.

Wicket! Iftikhar Ahmed 6 (7) c. Topley b. Curran, Pakistan 28-4 (5.3)

17:53 , Michael Jones

Gone! Curran digs one in short but it’s a slower delivery. Iftikhar attempts to go over the top once more but the lack of pace means he’s through his shot too soon and the ball loops up to Reece Topley at mid-off who takes an easy catch.

Pakistan 28-3 (5.2), Masood 1, Iftikhar 6, Curran 0-4 (0.2) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:51 , Michael Jones

Sam Curran replaces Reece Topley to bowl the final over of the powerplay. The run-rate is now over 13 runs per over and Iftikhar doesn’t let Curran settle. He whacks him over to the legside for four runs!

Pakistan 24-3 (5), Masood 1, Iftikhar 2, Wood 2-8 (2) Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:49 , Michael Jones

Pakistan now have two new batters at the crease. Shan Masood and Iftikhar Ahmed have to deal with a rapid and confident Mark Wood.

It’s not easy and it’s not pleasant. Both players get off the mark with singles before Iftikhar pulls one away for another one.

Three runs and a wicket from the over.

Wicket! Haider Ali 3 (5) c. Rashid b. Wood, Pakistan 21-3 (4.1)

17:46 , Michael Jones

Two in two balls! Mark Wood sends down a sharp, short ball that Haider Ali tries to hook away. It’s onto him in a flash though and he can only knock the ball over to Adil Rashid who clings on to a fine catch.

Wood has another wicket!

Wicket! Mohammad Rizwan 8 (14) b. Topley, Pakistan 21-2 (4)

17:44 , Michael Jones

Bowled him! Rizwan attempts another wild swipe across the line but he misses the ball this time and Reece Topley hits! The ball clips the top of leg stump and both Pakistan openers are out!

Pakistan 21-1 (3.4), Rizwan 8, Haider 3, Topley 0-7 (1.4), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:43 , Michael Jones

Topley continues for England with the two Pakistan batters milking him away for a single apiece. The delivery that got Babar Azam out was the quickest of the series so far. It’s good to have Mark Wood back.

A pull shot from Rizwan bounces just short of mid-on. He’s trying to up the run-rate for Pakistan but it’s not happening for him yet.

Pakistan 18-1 (3), Rizwan 7, Haider 1, Wood 1-5 (1), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:39 , Michael Jones

Haider Ali is the new batter for the hosts and gets off the mark with a single off his second ball.

That’s a great over from Mark Wood, five runs off it and the wicket of Babar Azam!

Wicket! Babar Azam c. Topley b. Wood, Pakistan 17-1 (2.4)

17:37 , Michael Jones

Got him! Pakistan’s captain has to go. He swipes at a cut but the extra pace of Mark Wood catches the edge of Babar Azam’s bat and the ball flies down to Reece Topley at third man who clings onto the catch!

Pakistan 17-0 (2.3), Rizwan 7, Babar 8, Wood 0-4 (0.3), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:36 , Michael Jones

Here comes Mark Wood. He is one of England’s quickest bowlers and can send the ball down at over 90mph. His first ball pins Rizwan on the pads but the openers sprint through for one.

Babar then stands up and drives Wood past mid-off for four runs!

Pakistan 12-0 (2), Rizwan 7, Babar 4, Topley 0-4 (1), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:32 , Michael Jones

Reece Topley is playing his first game of the series for England tonight. He’s a taller bowler and should get a touch of extra bounce.

Rizwan knocks back two dot balls before nudging a slower delivery away for one. Babar collects two with a back foot punch through cover.

Dropped! Pakistan’s captain tries to turn the ball into the legside and gets an outside edge on the ball. It chips up to extra-cover but Dawid Malan spills it at full stretch!

Pakistan 6-0 (1), Rizwan 5, Babar 1, Dawson 0-7 (1), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:28 , Michael Jones

A couple of singles get both batters off the mark before a slightly shorter pitched delivery is pulled away for four by Rizwan!

He ends the over with another single, seven runs come from it.

Pakistan 0-0 (0), Rizwan 0, Babar 0, Dawson 0-0 (0), Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:27 , Michael Jones

Liam Dawson will open up for England with yesterday’s heroes, Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam, striding out for the hosts.

How will this innings go? Pakistan will either get close or England should bowl them out cheaply. That’s the way things high chases usually go.

Will Jacks on making his England debut

17:22 , Michael Jones

England’s Will Jacks spoke to Sky Sports in between innings saying: “It’s a moment that I’ve worked very hard for and dreamt of my whole life. What a place to make my debut, the crowd have been amazing and I’ve been buzzing the whole night.

“The pitch is similar to the last two games, low and skiddy but once you get in, it’s nice to bat on. Pretty happy with my innings and then what a partnership from the guys at the end - it was pretty special.

“The way Babar and Rizwan played last night, no score is out of reach. We’ve got 20 more than last night but we’ve got to get one of them out. It should be a good chase.”

England 221-3, Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:20 , Michael Jones

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England 221-3, Pakistan require 222 runs to win

17:18 , Michael Jones

Ben Duckett finished with 70* from 42 balls with Harry Brook 81* from 35. The English duo put on 139 runs for the fourth wicket to take the tourists from 82 to 221.

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End of innings: England 221-3 (20), Duckett 70, Brook 81, Rauf 0-39 (4)

17:14 , Michael Jones

Duckett clips one onto his pads and Brook calls him through for a single. Rauf starts the over well but Brook skips across his stumps and ramps him over short fine leg for four more!

Ben Duckett gets on strike for the final ball of the innings and scurries it away for two.

England finish with a monumental 221-3 but will it be enough this time?

England 211-3 (19), Duckett 65, Brook 76, Dahani 0-62 (4)

17:08 , Michael Jones

Dahani returns for his final over and Brook laces him away through the covers for four runs! England’s total of 199 yesterday looked imposing but they’re going to better that tonight.

A slower ball is carved into the legside for two more by the Yorkshireman before he brings up the 200 with and insane drive over the bowler for six down the ground!

This is a huge over for England now as a thick edge brings Brook four more. Dahani has taken some tap this evening. He finishes with 0-62

England 192-3 (18), Duckett 64, Brook 59, Hasnain 1-37 (4)

17:03 , Michael Jones

100 partnership! Mohammad Hasnain bangs one in short and Ben Duckett spanks him over deep midwicket for six to bring up the 100 run partnership between these two.

There’s a two and a couple of singles before Duckett finishes off the over with a hook shot for four!

Two over to go.

England 178-3 (17), Duckett 51, Brook 59, Rauf 0-29 (3)

16:57 , Michael Jones

Ben Duckett follows Harry Brook to 50 with a single off Haris Rauf. His half-century comes from 31 balls and the partnership between these two is now 87 from 48 balls.

Wow! Brook looks to smoke Rauf over the ropes once more but he misses the ball and it gets stuck in the grill of his helmet! Brook is okay but needs a check up from the medics due to protocol.

Four runs! Brook responds by bullying the ball over the offside for another boundary. 10 runs from the over.

England 168-3 (16), Duckett 49, Brook 53, Dahani 0-43 (3)

16:50 , Michael Jones

Harry Brook is teeing off!

He takes Shahnawaz Dahani for two maximums before slicing the ball through point for four more!

Brook brings up his 50 from 24 balls! 16 runs from the over.

England 152-3 (15), Duckett 49, Brook 37, Hasnain 1-23 (3)

16:44 , Michael Jones

How to describe this?! Ben Duckett shifts outside the off stump and Mohammad Hasnain follows him. Duckett gets the ball in front of the ball and angles it to fine leg. The pace of the bowler is enough to make the ball fly all the way to the boundary for four runs!

England are maintaining their run-rate at 10 runs an over. It seems like comfortable batting without being too risky.

150 for England! Harry Brook stands still and rolls his wrists over a cut shot to guide the ball in between the fielders at point and third man. He collects four more!

England 139-3 (14), Duckett 43, Brook 31, Rauf 0-19 (2)

16:39 , Michael Jones

England are going well and they know they’ll only have pace to face for the last seven overs. Haris Rauf is reintroduced into the attack and Duckett drives him safely away to the point boundary for one run.

Out of the ground! A bouncer from Rauf targets Brook but he’s onto the back foot quickly and he hooks the ball into the stands for six runs!

That boundary also brings up the 50 partnershio between Ben Duckett and Harry Brook. Four more singles bring 11 runs from the over.

England 128-3 (13), Duckett 40, Brook 23, Usman 2-48 (4)

16:34 , Michael Jones

Usman Qadir will bowl out too with Pakistan leaving their seamers to deal with the end of the innings. Brook takes one to get off strike before Duckett smashes a full toss into the legside for four runs!

Another sweep from Duckett picks out the boundary fielder and gives Brook the strike for the last ball. He gets low and swipes the ball past the short fine leg for another four!

England 116-3 (12), Duckett 34, Brook 17, Nawaz 0-34 (4)

16:30 , Michael Jones

Mohammad Nawaz is going to finish his four overs. Two singles bring Duckett on strike and a top edge from an attempted sweep flies over the wicketkeeper and away from four!

Four more! Duckett sweeps again and connects this time to work the ball quickly away to deep square leg for a boundary.

12 runs come from the over.

England 104-3 (11), Duckett 24, Brook 15, Usman 2-36 (3)

16:27 , Michael Jones

Pakistan’s constant wicket taking is just hindering England’s progress. The tourists need to put a partnership on.

Usman Qadir continues and almost picks up his third wicket as Duckett gets a top edge from a sweep that just bounces short of the fielder.

Harry Brook comes on strike, dances down the track and bombs the ball over the bowler’s head for six runs! That’s the first maximum of the night.

That’s huge! Brook goes again but this time lifts the ball over extra-cover and gains six more to bring up England’s 100.

England 89-3 (10), Duckett 22, Brook 2, Nawaz 0-22 (3)

16:20 , Michael Jones

England need to up the tempo again and Duckett tries to do so with some risky running. He pushes the ball out to the square leg boundary and puts the burners on to dive back and complete the second.

Just five runs come from the over though. England are 89-3 at the halfway stage.

England 84-3 (9), Duckett 18, Brook 1, Usman 2-21 (2)

16:18 , Michael Jones

Harry Brook is the new man and gets off the mark with a single.

Wicket! Will Jacks 40 (22) c. Nawaz b. Usman, England 82-3

16:16 , Michael Jones

Jacks is out! He goes for the big one but doesn’t get all of the it and just manages to scuff the ball over to Mohammad Nawaz on the wide mid-on boundary who takes a nice catch low down.

England 82-2 (8.2), Duckett 17, Jacks 40, Usman 1-19 (1.2)

16:14 , Michael Jones

Four runs! A sharp reverse sweep from Duckett is smoked through point to the boundary and England start the over well. Some smart play from England’s number four sees him dink the ball away for three to bring Jacks on strike.

England 77-2 (8), Duckett 10, Jacks 40, Nawaz 0-17 (2)

16:11 , Michael Jones

England’s current run-rate will get them up to 200 once again but that wasn’t enough for them to win yesterday. Mohammad Nawaz is the new bowler. His first over went for 11 but he’s keeping this one tight.

Five singles from the first five balls.

Duckett faces up to the last delivery but he can only nudge it away for another one. Six from the over.

England 71-2 (7), Duckett 9, Jacks 37, Usman 1-14 (1)

16:09 , Michael Jones

Ben Duckett’s first ball is pulled away through midwicket for four runs then he pokes one to point for a single. It’s a busy start from the left-hander.

A single for Jacks brings Duckett back on strike and he earns another boundary with a sweep shot. The ball hits his gloves and runs away fine for four more.

14 runs and a wicket from the over.

Wicket! Dawid Malan 14 (15) c. Haider b. Usman, England 61-2 (6.2)

16:06 , Michael Jones

Got him! Usman Qadir drags one down short but Malan miscues it into the outfield. The ball comes off the toe of the bat and just reaches Haider Ali on the boundary who takes a decent catch.

England 61-1 (6.1), Malan 14, Jacks 36, Usman 0-4 (0.1)

16:04 , Michael Jones

With the fielding restrictions now lifted Usman Qadir is brought into the attack but Dawid Malan reverse sweeps him past the fielder at short-third man and picks up four runs!

England 57-1 (6), Malan 10, Jacks 36, Dahani 0-27 (2)

16:02 , Michael Jones

The final over of the powerplay is going to be bowled by Dahani. He bangs a short ball in at Malan and fizzes the bouncer just over the head of the left-hander. That was sharp!

Malan gets off strike with a guided push to third man before Jacks blocks one to point and steals a single.

When he gets back on strike he shuffles outside of leg stump and cuts Dahani away for four runs! The last ball is a slower one but Jacks manages to lift it over the cover fielder and collects another boundary!

57 runs come from the powerplay.

England 45-1 (5), Malan 8, Jacks 27, Rauf 0-8 (1)

15:55 , Michael Jones

Another bowling change from Babar Azam as Haris Rauf is brought on. He goes straight and full to Malan who sends the ball back at the bowler and leaves Rauf sprawled on the turf as he dives across to stop the ball.

Malan struggles to get the ball away but scurries through for a leg bye as the ball rolls away off his pads.

Will Jacks has two balls of the over to face and drives Rauf down the ground for four before following up with a flat batted pull through cow corner for another boundary!

England 36-1 (4), Malan 8, Jacks 19, Dahani 0-15 (1)

15:50 , Michael Jones

Edged! Shahnawaz Dahani is the new bowler and he pushes a good lengthed delivery wide of Malan’s off stump. Malan swipes at it and gets a thick outside edge that flies over the slips and sails away for four runs.

Two dot balls follow as Malan tries to dab the ball down to third man for one. He’s still trying to get used to the pace of the pitch.

Malan guides the next ball off his pads and into the legside to pick up three before Jacks edges one through the vacant slip cordon for yet another four!

Dahani doesn’t look best pleased about that. His mood gets worse as Jacks drives him up and over mid-off to record another boundary at the end of the over. 15 runs come from it.

England 21-1 (3), Malan 1, Jacks 11, Hasnain 1-10 (2)

15:45 , Michael Jones

Dawid Malan is England’s new batter. He’s had a quiet series so far but has the chance to impose himself on the game tonight. A prod to third man gets him off the mark with a single.

Only three runs come from the over. Great bowling from Mohammad Hasnain.

Wicket! Phil Salt 8 (6) c. Nawaz b. Hasnain, England 18-1 (2.1)

15:42 , Michael Jones

Gone! Mohammad Nasnain is too quick for Phil Salt who tries to pull one away to the legside but is too slow to get through his shot. The ball loops into the air and gets caught by Mohammad Nawaz who collides with the bowler as they both tried to get to the ball.

England lose their first wicket.

England 18-0 (2), Salt 8, Jacks 10, Nawaz 0-11 (1)

15:39 , Michael Jones

As has been the case in each of the previous two matches, Mohammad Nawaz opens up from the other end. Phil Salt attacks his slow left-arm spinners and spanks the first delivery away for four runs before getting himself off strike.

Nawaz darts a quicker delivery into Will Jacks who edges one away for a single before Salt booms a drive to the fielder in the deep.

The final ball is dragged down and Jacks rocks back to pull it past the midwicket fielder and away to the boundary! He’s into double figures now.

England 7-0 (1), Salt 2, Jacks 5, Hasnain 0-7 (1)

15:35 , Michael Jones

Salt takes another single before Jacks finds the middle of the bat with a drive to the fielder at extra-cover. The 23-year-old then plays and misses at a ball that keeps low and sneaks underneath his bat.

Good response! Hasnain pushes the ball a little fuller and a little straighter and Jacks smokes it away through wide midwicket for the first boundary of the game to pick up four runs.

England 2-0 (0.1), Salt 1, Jacks 1, Hasnain 0-2 (0.2)

15:32 , Michael Jones

Phil Salt is off the mark straightaway! He chops a drive into the gap at square leg and scrambles to the other end of one.

Will Jacks’ first delivery in international cricket comes into his pads and he, deliberately, flicks it away to the fielder on the deep square leg boundary.

England 0-0 (0), Salt 0, Jacks 0, Hasnain 0-0 (0)

15:30 , Michael Jones

Okay then, here we go. Phil Salt and Will Jacks are opening up for England with Mohammad Hasnain given the first over for Pakistan.

How will England fare tonight?

Mark Wood returns!

15:25 , Michael Jones

Mark Wood is back.

This is his first first international appearance since the first Test against West Indies in Antigua back in March. That same month he had an operation on his right elbow that required further surgery in July ruling him out for the rest of the English summer.

The 32-year-old returns to the England team this evening and will look to prove his fitness ahead of the World Cup next month. He’ll be a fantastic assest for England if he is fully fit.

Babar on why he decided to bowl first

15:20 , Michael Jones

Pakistan captain Babar Azam, won the toss in Karachi and decided to bowl first. He explained why saying: “We’re bowling first and the pitch looks good.

“My body feels good but it is not easy playing back-to-back matches. We had some time to rest before and I utilised that.”

Will Jacks makes debut

15:15 , Michael Jones

Surrey’s Will Jacks makes his debut for England tonight with the batting all-rounder being presented with his first cap by county team mate Sam Curran.

The 23-year-old had an impressive summer and shone for Oval Invincibles in The Hundred. He comes into the team to replace Alex Hales.

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Pre-match thoughts of Moeen Ali

15:11 , Michael Jones

England captain Moeen Ali spoke at the toss about what he expects from today’s game saying: “We probably would have bowled first as well but we’re not too disappointed.

“We obviously have to score big against these guys on this surface, and hopefully set them a score they can’t get then try and get some wickets to win the game.

“We’re actually playing good cricket. It is only the last 10 overs yesterday that we weren’t too good but we weren’t too bad either, they played exceptionally well. You have to get wickets to win those kind of games and we didn’t.”

England lose the toss and will bat first

15:05 , Michael Jones

Babar Azam has won the toss in Karachi and decided to bowl first. Moeen Ali once again captain’s England and says he would have wanted to bowl first as well.

Will Jacks comes into the team in place of Alex Hales, Mark Wood and Reece Topley also come in to replace Luke Wood and David Willey.

Tammy Beaumont excited by Lord’s return after ‘far too long’ away

14:59 , Michael Jones

Tammy Beaumont believes the five years since England last played a one-day international at Lord’s has been “far too long” as they prepare to return to the Home of Cricket for the final match of the series against India.

England last played at Lord’s for the historic World Cup final in 2017 and India were the opponents when they lifted the trophy in front of a sell-out crowd.

In 2021 England did not play at a single Test venue, but this year they have already played at Durham’s Seat Unique Riverside and will play their final match of their summer at Lord’s on Saturday.

Beaumont believes some of those who featured alongside her in the World Cup final have missed out on their chance to return to Lord’s.

Tammy Beaumont excited by Lord’s return after ‘far too long’ away

A crucial toss to win?

14:54 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali has won the toss twice in both matches of this series. He decided to bowl first in the opening game and England managed to knock off 158 with relative ease. In the second game he decided to bat first and despite putting 199 on the board Pakistan chased it down with three balls remaining.

Bowling first seems to be the key factor of these games in Karachi which means the toss today could be a vital one to win. The old adage is usually ‘win the toss, bat first’ but in Asia that isn’t the way to go in T20s.

Nine times out of 10 the team who bats second wins the game. It won’t be surprising if that happens again tonight.

Moeen takes responsibility for defeat

14:48 , Michael Jones

England captain Moeen Ali admitted he took a gamble in yesterday’s match when he decided to bowl himself in the 13th over despite the pre-match planning saying right-handed batters enjoying attacking off-spin bowlers.

“The momentum changed when I bowled my over. That really gave them the belief and after that they were almost unstoppable,” he said after the home side made it 1-1 after two games.

“I felt like it was under control for most of it. I genuinely feel my over lost the game for us. That was a gamble on my part. I went to try and get a wicket, almost buy a wicket. Obviously it didn’t work and that’s when Pakistan really won the game.”

Moeen’s over went for 21 runs, including three sixes, that put Pakistan ahead of the required run-rate. Despite Moeen’s feelings on the matter Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam were an unstoppable force yesterday with only Liam Dawson 0-26 (4) and Sam Curran 0-29 (4) coming out of the game with anything like respectable bowling figures for England.

Andrew Strauss plans for cricket reform labelled ‘unworkable’ by county chiefs

14:42 , Michael Jones

County chiefs have criticised Sir Andrew Strauss’ proposed reforms for domestic cricket despite admitting change is needed.

The former Test captain has spent the last six months overseeing a high performance review for the England and Wales Cricket Board, launched in the aftermath of last winter’s Ashes thrashing, and has presented 17 recommendations.

Fifteen of those fall under the remit of the ECB and already have the required backing, but two key proposals involving a wholesale reorganisation of the county calendar need the support of at least 12 of the 18 first-class counties to go ahead.

But Sussex chair Jon Filby told the BBC: “Strauss’ high performance review is equally unworkable as far as county cricket is concerned.”

Andrew Strauss plans for cricket reform labelled ‘unworkable’ by county chiefs

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan masterclass stuns England in 10-wicket Pakistan win

14:36 , Michael Jones

England had no answer for a majestic 200-run partnership between centurion Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan as Pakistan levelled their Twenty20 series 1-1 with a 10-wicket win in Karachi.

The tourists were more than happy after posting 199 for five, with captain Moeen Ali to the fore with 55 not out in 23 deliveries, but were comprehensively outclassed by the home side’s openers.

Babar made a mockery of questions over his scoring rate at the Asia Cup, hammering 110 not out 66 balls, and Rizwan smashed an unbeaten 88 as they shared nine sixes and 16 fours.

England will be concerned about the lack of incision from their bowling attack, but the two chances they did generate against Rizwan were squandered as Alex Hales dropped him on 23 and Phil Salt spurned a stumping on 32.

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan masterclass stuns England in 10-wicket Pakistan win

Pakistan vs England

14:30 , Michael Jones

Play will start once again at 3.30pm BST with this the third of four games to be played in Karachi.

Before the series began Moeen Ali was supposed to deputise for Jos Buttler in the first three games as the England captain recovers from a calf injury but there is the possibility of Buttler returning earlier than initially expected and he could line-up for England today.

Changes are expected in the team as England’s bowling attack needs freshening up.

David Willey has struggled in both matches so far and could be replaced by Richard Gleeson or another quick bowler but Liam Dawson bowled well in an otherwise fruitless attack yesterday and should keep his place.

Pakistan vs England

14:23 , Michael Jones

Hello and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of the third T20 between England and Pakistan in Karachi. The seven-match series is all square at 1-1 after the hosts knocked off a huge total in yesterday’s second game.

Moeen Ali - deputising as England captain once again - won the toss and chose to bat first with England notching up a huge score of 199-5 with Moeen’s 55* the standout performance of the innings. Pakistan responded and then some as opening batters, Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam, blitzed their way to 203-0 from 19.3 overs to bring the series back on level terms.

It was a startling performance and one that provided a few interesting tidbits.

In Asia T20 games are won nine times out of 10 by the side batting second which will make today’s toss a crucial one. Indeed both matches so far have been won by the chasing side - England in the first game and Pakistan in the second.

The pitch also looked slow and low when England batted but seemed to flatten out as the night wore on and made battting an easier prospect in the second innings. Both camps will bare this in mind when they decide how to tackle today’s match.

But who will win the third T20 of the series?