Palatine community turns our after Spunky Dunkers donut shop asks for help

The team took to social media, asking customers to please come in - and now those donuts are flying off the shelves.

Video Transcript

MELISSA MCADAMS: It's a decades old family recipe.

SUZY CAMPBELL: We bake three times a day. Our donuts are always fresh. We want them warm for our customers.

MELISSA MCADAMS: For Suzy Campbell, it's a family tradition.

SUZY CAMPBELL: We've been here since, I think, 1964.

MELISSA MCADAMS: Each handmade donut, along with the smell of hot and fresh coffee, a staple in the Palatine community. For the past few days business, has been spotty at Spunky Dunkers.

SUZY CAMPBELL: We were so dead. But we had then storm and then obviously the pandemic.

MELISSA MCADAMS: The team, taking to social media, asking customers to please come in. Tonight, those donuts, flying off the shelves.

SUZY CAMPBELL: We weren't even prepared for it. So we were, like, calling everybody. Hey, can you come in? Can you come in? Like, we need everybody's help. Like, anybody that would, like, work we're, like, get in here as soon as possible.

MELISSA MCADAMS: That post shared thousands of times. And the lines at the 24 hour donut shop, out the door.

MELISSA MOSCINSKI: When they posted, I was like, I'm coming. I'm coming right now.

TONY SZAFRANSKI: Eight of the [? Pokshi ?] donuts and then some apple fritters, donuts with M&Ms, the special double chocolate ones.

MELISSA MCADAMS: The coffee at Spunk Dunkers, perfect; the donuts, unreal. But it's not the only reason people keep coming back for more.

MELISSA MOSCINSKI: This is like a staple of Palatine. Everybody in Palatine knows this place. I mean, if you say Spunky Dunkers, people are like, oh, yeah, like, Spunky.

MELISSA MCADAMS: As locally-owned establishments try and stay afloat during the pandemic, customers stepping up their game.

SUZY CAMPBELL: We've been so thankful. Some woman came in here and bought six donuts for $800. That helped. I mean, we were freaking out.

MELISSA MCADAMS: As the crew continues to work around the clock here at Spunky Dunkers still taking more orders, and we continue to try their delicious donuts, they're reminding everyone to continue to support local restaurants and shops, whether it's here in the northwest suburbs or anywhere across Chicagoland.