Palestinian influencer documents his daily cave life

STORY: This Palestinian documents his daily cave life on TikTok

Location: Hebron, West Bank

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) PALESTINIAN SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER, ADEL AL-TELL, SAYING: "I got the idea because many consider people who live in tents or caves and own sheep as uneducated and uncivilized, so this encouraged me to create an account on TikTok to share simple videos, to show that there are people still living in caves, maintaining their land, steadfast on it, living in caves and tents, herding sheep, and they did not give up on their land, they are educated people."

Al-Tell has garnered more than 60,000 followers on TikTok

and around 25,000 followers on Facebook

He says he chooses to live in a cave to keep his land

which he says is threatened by Israeli settlement expansion

"People interact whenever I share videos, they tell me God bless you and preserve your land. They also say that we are fighters and are steadfast. These words make us feel happy, these words make us more steadfast, because people interact with you and sympathize with you, you are a fighter and you are steadfast on your land."