Palm Beach County weeds out vaccine waitlist

Marc Freeman, South Florida Sun Sentinel
·2 min read

Some 136,000 people got on a waiting list for the COVID-19 vaccine in Palm Beach County, and health officials are trying to find out whether 60,000 of them still want it.

The local Health Care District on Thursday announced it is sending emails asking those residents 65 and older if they would like to remain on the vaccination wish list.

If they don’t respond, they will be removed from the list, said Robin Kish, director of community engagement.

Since previous emails to those 60,000 people went unanswered, this time the agency wants them to check their spam and junk email folders and then respond with a yes or a no.

The subject line of the Health Care District’s latest email reads: “Health Care District COVID-19 Vaccination” and it comes from sender

Administrators say recipients will have 24 hours to respond to the question: “Do you want the Health Care District to provide you with your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?”

Seniors who don’t respond to the first email will receive a follow-up email on Sunday, also with a 24-hour deadline. Those who respond yes will be contacted with an appointment date.

“These replies will clarify how many individuals still want to be vaccinated, thereby expediting the scheduling of their vaccination appointments,” said Darcy J. Davis, CEO of the Health Care District. “The feedback provided will enable the Health Care District to remove the names of those who were vaccinated elsewhere.”

So far, they’ve accommodated more than 36,000 people who were on the vaccine waitlist.

Palm Beach County has over 400,000 residents who are 65 or older.

As of Wednesday, 210,848 people of all ages in the county have received at least one dose of the vaccine, state records show. That includes 171,128 individuals who are at least 65.