Palm Springs International Film Awards: See the Big Winners' Acceptance Speeches

Only ET can show you the acceptance speeches from the Palm Springs International Film Awards that went virtual this year!

Video Transcript

- The official kickoff of award season at Palm Springs International Film Awards. Now, they're doing it a little different this year. Nischelle Turner is on assignment in Philadelphia, but she has all the info. And by the way, Rocky fans, you'll recognize where she is. Go ahead.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Dun dun dun dun dun dun. Exactly, Gav, you know, Sylvester Stallone made these steps here in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art famous in the movie, and Sly actually has a Palm Springs connection as well. He was honored by the festival back in 1998. Now, with the show going almost virtual this year, you may be asking, where will the winners give their acceptance speeches? Well, how about right here on ET.

ANTHONY HOPKINS: Thank you, Palm Springs International Film Award.

AARON SORKIN: It's the largest award I've ever received. My little abstract statue got a little abstract booty.

NISCHELLE TURNER: She cute, though. She cute.

DANIEL KALUUYA: Yeah, just like, boom. I like to think. Some people [INAUDIBLE].

VIOLA DAVIS: I wish COVID was over so I can go to Palm Springs.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Our time with the big winners turned up some pretty fun celeb secrets. First, this may be the hardest man to reach in Hollywood.

VIOLA DAVIS: I don't even have Denzel's phone number, and he's called me, and he, and he always says, Viola, call me back in my office, and I always want to say, Denzel, I don't have your office number. Every time your number comes up it's restricted.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Next, celebs will do almost anything for their craft. Now you are known for your commitment to your roles. Did you happen to avoid any hospital visits on this movie?

GARY OLDMAN: I got a little bruised climbing in and out of that that car.

NISCHELLE TURNER: The front runner for the Oscar is The Trial of the Chicago Seven, but director Aaron Sorkin's already hard at work on his next project with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem playing Lucy and Desi Arnaz.

AARON SORKIN: Lucy and Desi were madly, madly in love with each other, but they also often wanted to kill each other.

NISCHELLE TURNER: We spoke to the Vanguard Award winning Chicago Seven cast, and you're going to love this last little tidbit we discovered.

MATT COHEN: Eddie, we learned that you and Jamie Dornan were roommates at one point. Is this true?

EDDIE REDMAYNE: That is true.

MATT COHEN: What kind of roommate is Jamie?

SACHA BARON COHEN: Did he ever tie you up [INAUDIBLE]? Was there a Fifty Shades moment is what you're asking?

EDDIE REDMAYNE: This was pre-Fifty, so he wasn't getting all method on the situation.