Palmetto Package will be closing soon in downtown Aiken

Nov. 22—Palmetto Package & Fine Wine Shop won't be open much longer in downtown Aiken.

"I have to be out by Dec. 13," owner Missie Bowman Boisvert told the Aiken Standard on Tuesday.

She is selling the 2,352-square-foot building at 230 Park Ave. S.W., and the deal is scheduled to close on that date.

"I've had it 19 years," Boisvert said. "In July, I celebrated 19 years. It has been a liquor store since the 1950s."

Previous owners included Skipper Perry and Ben and Harry Surasky.

"The people who are purchasing the building don't want to have it as a liquor store, so I have to sell the inventory," Boisvert said. "If I don't sell it all, someone will come in and buy the rest at cost."

Plans for the Palmetto Package building have not been made public.

A special sale for Palmetto Package customers will be held from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

When asked about her decision to no longer own and operate the store, Boisvert said: "I have another business called Palmetto Party Planning LLC. I do events for people. I do Palmetto Golf Club tournaments. I do wedding receptions. I do hunt breakfasts. I help charities.

"I just didn't want to run both businesses anymore," she continued. "I love the events, and I'm going to continue to do them. I'm booked through 2023. I've got a lot of stuff coming up."

Even so, Boisvert will miss Palmetto Package.

"It's kind of the end of an era because that store has been there all these years," she said. "It's kind of sad in a way that it's no longer going to be a liquor store."