Pamela Anderson says her ‘raw, unpolished’ book is about her ‘messy life’

Pamela Anderson has revealed the cover of her forthcoming memoir and opened up about its “raw, unpolished” contents.

The former Playboy model’s book, Love, Pamela, is set to be released on 31 January 2023.

She said that within its pages are the chronicles of “just one girl’s messy life”, adding that it is a “celebration of imperfections”.

Anderson, 55, told People: “These are all my feelings, about my life – no ‘Woe is me’, though some times were tough.

“I made it through and had to find love in grace and dignity mixed with humour, acceptance and forgiveness.”

The book’s cover, revealed exclusively by the publication, shows a black-and-white photograph of Anderson with her blonde hair swept back, wearing thick black eyeliner and silver earrings as she looks intently into the camera.

According to an official release by HarperCollins, who is publishing the memoir, Love, Pamela is a “heartrending, intimate memoir from the iconic pin-up and Playboy’s last great Playmate”.

She said she did not have a co-writer for the book and worked with an editor who “saw me through it all; a painful lesson in humility, to live my life twice was once too often”.

“The book is a raw, unpolished attempt – a very personal true account of my life, from my first memory to my last,” Anderson added.

The Canadian-American actor also announced in March that she would release a documentary with Netflix about her life, following the Disney+ series Pam & Tommy.

While the series focused on the leaking of her and Tommy Lee’s sex tape in 1997, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan, Anderson said she wanted to “set the record straight”.

The documentary, directed by Ryan White, would feature “never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews” to provide an “intimate portrait embedded in the life of Pamela Anderson as she looks back at her professional and personal path and prepares for the next steps on her journey”.

A handwritten note by Anderson, posted on social media at the same time as the documentary announcement, read: “My life; A thousand imperfections; A million misperceptions; Wicked, wild, lost; Nothing to live up to; I can only surprise you; Not a victim, but a survivor; Alive to tell the real story.”

However, no release date or official title for the documentary have been confirmed.

While Anderson did not publicly comment on the Disney+ series, her close friend Courtney Love condemned it as a “disgusting” invasion of privacy that “destroyed my friend Pamela’s life”.

In a now-deleted Facebook post in May, Love said the release of the series was “f***ing outrageous” because the leaked sex tape “crushed her and her kids”.