How has the pandemic affected the college admissions process

Application Nation’s Sara Harberson weighs in on how the COVID-19 pandemic changed standardized testing

Video Transcript


SARA HARBERSON: The vast majority of colleges and universities, as we all know, adopted a temporary test optional policy for the current high school seniors. But over half of the US colleges and universities at this point have extended that test optional policy for the current high school juniors. So that is from, which is a nonprofit organization that has been supporting test optional policies for decades.

So what that tells you is, as we go into this next admissions cycle, we can almost anticipate that, again, the majority of colleges will have a test optional policy. And it's interesting because there are pockets of the country where the ACT and SAT are quite available and accessible. Again, it depends on where you live.

But I know some high school juniors that have taken the SAT or ACT two or three times already. And then there are other high school juniors, especially in parts of California, for example, that have been closed out of every test that they've registered for. So what that tells you is that colleges are trying to be accommodating for those high school juniors, maybe even more accommodating than one might think.