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Pandemic Pet Care (Pt. 1)

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KDKA's John Shumway reports on how pets are getting better care during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Well, the pandemic has not had a lot of bright spots, except for maybe those on four feet.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Yeah. It turns out our pets are living the good life, because we're stuck at home mostly. Now this morning, John Shumway joins us from his home to explain.

JOHN SHUMWAY: Well, it's actually quite simple, guys. Veterinarians say that there is no doubt that our pets are getting a lot better health care.

MIKE HUTCHINSON: Because we're around them all the time, we don't let things go. You see that bump on the dog and every time you pet him you feel that bump, people want to take care of it and they don't want to wait.

JENN FOX: People are keying into catching illnesses sooner and jumping faster and calling us sooner.

MIKE HUTCHINSON: Because they're saying, yeah, you know, when he's got bad breath and he's in front of you all day, you want to get his teeth taken care of.

JENN FOX: I feel like I was sort of like the [? field ?] practitioner when I started, and now I feel like I'm the ER doc who is, you know, going a million miles a minute and, you know, juggling multiple things.

JOHN SHUMWAY: Dr. Jenn Fox, from the Franklin Animal Clinic and Dr. Mike Hutchinson from Animal General say the good news is that they are getting better information from more attentive pet owners.

MIKE HUTCHINSON: I think it's elevated the care for pets.

JOHN SHUMWAY: And a national survey found that people are actually adding more pets as well.

JENN FOX: Yes. We see a lot of-- there's a term for like the COVID puppies.

JOHN SHUMWAY: Yeah. And the COVID puppies and the COVID kittens are coming about because people are actually at home and they feel like, right now, during the pandemic, they've got more time to devote to training puppies and kittens. Now coming up, there is a downside to this pandemic care that pet owners really need to know about. We'll talk about that next half hour.