Pandemic Wedding Planning: Couples React To Getting Hitched In COVID Times

Many couples were impacted and countless weddings postponed. Some say it's time to get on with it!

Video Transcript

- Where many couples put off tying the knot for a year, weddings are coming back. And some couples are embracing the changes that came with the pandemic. Madison Sawyer explains.

MADISON SAWYER: People are signaling that they won't let their love stay on lockdown forever.

KELLY COOK: Love will never be canceled-- a pandemic, hurricanes, murder hornets, snowstorms, it can't be canceled.

MADISON SAWYER: And so no big shock that wedding dresses are back in high demand, and David's Bridal tells us it's not just your traditional dresses. We'll have more on that in just a moment. But because of the spike in sales, there's also expected to be a surge of weddings in the fall. And the company found that 62% of couples are opting for outdoor weddings now, while also embracing some of the norms of the pandemic.

KELLY COOK: And you know what, I think I'm going to incorporate masks, or hand sanitizers, they're going to get them personalized. So it's definitely a new world. But you know, the good thing is, love can't be canceled. Can't hold it back.

MADISON SAWYER: So here's some of the interesting things that are coming out of all of this. Women are opting for looks that have never really been seen before. Kelly says that wedding jumpsuits are actually one of the most searched items on the website right now.

And the looks are more casual and comfortable, and anything but traditional. David's Bridal says it's all part of a bigger trend towards casual ceremonies coming out of the intimate backyard ceremonies that we've been seeing during the pandemic. And these relaxed looks can even eventually make it into your everyday wardrobe.

KELLY COOK: I'm from Texas. I'm like, I want ruffles and feathers and sequins and leather, like, I'm there. You know, you hand me at [INAUDIBLE] feather. They want to be able to take these looks and move on from wedding to every day.

You know, we have beaded-- I mean, these girls are wearing beaded crop tops with tulle skirts that go to the floor. Madison, they're so gorgeous. And then they're taking off the tulle skirt, throwing on ripped jeans, high heels, and off they go. This sneaker, flying off the shelf. I mean, they're wearing this, Madison, with gowns.

MADISON SAWYER: Well, that's shoe's definitely more comfortable than the high heels I wore for my wedding. But because of these trends, they've started a boutique called The Little White Dress Boutique. It launched, and it's full of budget-friendly and ready-to-wear dresses for as low as $90.