Pappas calls challenger Karoline Leavitt 'extreme, out of step'

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Sep. 14—U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas called GOP nominee in the 1st Congressional District race Karoline Leavitt "extreme and divisive" during his general election campaign kick-off Wednesday morning.

"She is the most extreme, out-of-step nominee that the 1st District voters have ever seen," Pappas said during a Zoom call Wednesday morning. "She is very clear that she supports overturning Roe v. Wade and banning abortion. She's promised to write the bill to privatize Social Security."

Leavitt is "an election denier" who thinks Donald Trump won the 2020 election, Pappas said.

She opposes bipartisan compromises such as lowering the costs of prescription drugs and standing up to China, Pappas said.

The GOP primary gained national media coverage. Pappas is seeking his third term.

"The choice in this election could not be more clear," he said. "I think that the stakes in our country couldn't be higher."

Leavitt, 25, who grew up in Atkinson, defeated top vote getters Matt Mowers and Gail Huff Brown. Mowers ran against Pappas in 2020.

Leavitt told supporters late Tuesday night she is ready to take on "socialist Democrats" this November.

In the Zoom call, Pappas mentioned efforts to reduce gas prices and "take on the NRA" and gun safety legislation.

"We also took on China and passed a landmark piece of legislation that will jump-start American manufacturing, invest in our workers and ensure that the United States can outcompete any country in the world," he said.

He spoke against a national abortion ban being introduced in Congress.

"The effort to prevent women from access to abortion care does not stop with the Supreme Court decision. It is going to continue to roll forward," Pappas said. "We can't trust Karoline Leavitt and the other radical Republicans who are running for Congress to stand up for our New Hampshire values and to protect a woman's right to choose."

He said he is devoted to working across the aisle.

"The solutions to the challenges that we have won't be found at the political extremes. They are going to be found by listening to one another and finding common ground," Pappas said. "I am really proud to have been named one of the most bipartisan members of Congress."