Paraglider Narrowly Avoids Death After Parachute Fails to Open

A paraglider had an extremely close call when his parachute failed to open during an “acro-paragliding” trick in Organya, Spain.

Kevin Philipp survived the terrifying ordeal, and originally posted the footage to YouTube. In the YouTube caption, he explained that he was performing a trick in “strong turbulence” when his break line got stuck.

“Falling into the lines and wing made the rescue parachute throw quite hard,” he wrote. “The falling speed increased a lot due to the twisting wing. Very last chance was to manually open the rescue package.”

The footage shows Philipp twisting in the tangled lines as he struggles to manually open the rescue package, when, with only seconds to the ground, he’s finally able to open the emergency parachute and safely land.

“This occasion is quite unlucky and rare. Just to keep in mind. Fly high, land safe,” he wrote. Credit: Kevin Philipp via Storyful

Video Transcript