Paramedic: Floyd was dead when he arrived on scene

A paramedic who responded to the scene of George Floyd being arrested by Minneapolis police officers testified that he thought Floyd was dead when he arrived. (April 1)

Video Transcript

DEREK SMITH: What did I observe when I arrived on the scene? There was a police squad, an individual lying down, three officers on the individual. There was lots-- there was multiple people. There was multiple cell phones out. There was elevated tones used. It didn't feel like a welcoming.

ERIN ELDRIDGE: At any point in time during your treatment and care of Mr. Floyd, were you ever able to resuscitate him successfully?


ERIN ELDRIDGE: Did he ever regain a pulse from the time that you arrived on scene to the time that you brought him to the hospital?

DEREK SMITH: No, miss.

ERIN ELDRIDGE: And did anything change in terms of your assessment of his condition and status?

DEREK SMITH: No, when I showed up, he was deceased, and I dropped him off at the hospital, and he was still in cardiac arrest.