Are You A Parent? Tell Us The Most Important Yet Not Discussed Tip Every First-Time Parent Should Know

Parenting is a full-time job. Full stop. But even though we know how tough yet rewarding the experience can be, there still seems to be a lot of information missing on the "reality" of parenting and how having a baby can realistically impact someone's daily routine, relationships, and body.

a dad hanging with his baby at the desk
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So if you've been a parent for some time now, we would love to help new or about-to-be parents by giving them the most important tip or not-discussed-enough information they should know.

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For instance, maybe you had a good picture of what the baby's feeding schedule was going to be like, but it would have been incredibly helpful to know all the little items you would need to make feeding your baby (no matter the process) easier.

  Edwin Tan / Via Getty Images
Edwin Tan / Via Getty Images

Or maybe you were aware that babies have a difficult time sleeping, especially in the beginning, but you later found an amazing sleep trick that made you child finally stay asleep throughout the night.

  Karen Moskowitz / Via Getty Images
Karen Moskowitz / Via Getty Images

Or finally, perhaps when you finally found a solid routine with your child after months of trial and error, you wish you knew how often your child's needs were going to change, which forced you to always change your routine no matter what.

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Plus, is there any other parenting advice you want new parents to know that has more to do with their parenting style rather than the baby? What about co-parenting, dual-partnerships, or advice about in-laws that isn't discussed enough about in the parenting world?

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Whatever the tip, advice, or random piece of information that new parents should know is, we want to hear all about it in the comments below. However, if you prefer to stay anonymous, please feel free to share in the Google form here.