Parents in China shave their heads, donate scalp tissue to help son recover from severe burns

A 1-year-old boy in China has undergone two successful surgeries for his severe burn wounds after his mother and father shaved their heads to donate their scalp tissue.

On July 30, a solar water heater pipe burst in the family’s home at night, and hot water splashed onto the infant, named Kangkang. He suffered burns to 46 percent of his body and sustained burn shock and a serious infection.

Kangkang was taken to the hospital in a coma and was transferred in mid-August to a different hospital located in Wuhan, Hubei province of central China.

In order to treat the infant’s wounds, the surgery required donor tissue from the scalp area. Kangkang’s father donated his scalp tissue; however, due to the extensive nature of his injuries, it was not enough.

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“We need to wait for his father’s scalp to heal before we can extract the skin again,” Kangkang’s doctor Xie Weiguo stated. “As a result, we asked Kangkang’s mother to donate some scalp as well.”

Kangkang’s mother shaved her head as well and donated her scalp tissue, allowing the 1-year-old to have two successful surgeries since.

The father stated that he felt sorry that his wife had to shave her head as well.

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“I would not let my wife do this if it wasn’t for my scalp not recovering yet,” the father said.

After nearly a month since the accident, Kangkang and his mother finally reunited on Wednesday, causing the boy to burst into tears upon seeing her.

“Kangkang, look at mom,” the mother said. “Be brave, and mom loves you.”

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Featured Image via Hush Naidoo Jade

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