Parents Concerned Over School Redistricting In Harford County

Redistricting for the 2022-2023 school year have Harford County parents in an uproar.

Video Transcript

MALE ANCHOR: Well, parents are in an uproar over redistricting plans coming on the heels of the coronavirus pandemic.

FEMALE ANCHOR: Many say the world shifted the learning environment for their kids, and now they're finally back in school. They need consistency. Rachael Cardin explains.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Many schools nationwide sat vacant for much of last year. Now that normalcy seems to be returning, [CROWD PROTESTING] Harford County parents are rallying to keep their kids in the classrooms they know with the teachers and friends they love.

SUZY SINGLETON: Being in the midst of a pandemic, I think consistency and those relationships are really important.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Elementary redistricting is on the table for many students in Harford County next year. The school system website says overpopulation in some schools and underuse in others has led them to this decision.

For Suzy Singleton's kids, it would mean leaving Havre de Grace Elementary to attend Roye-Williams, a school outside the city limits of their hometown. Singleton's son was homeschooled last year. He's back in person now, but next year, who knows?

SUZY SINGLETON: That's three years in three different learning environments. That's very disruptive for kids.

RACHAEL CARDIN: For Rachael Faber's kids, it would mean leaving Youth's Benefit Elementary, the school they advocated for and watched come to life.

RACHAEL FABER: Now, we're finally kind of getting back in and getting the chance to use these facilities that are brand new. And it's being potentially ripped away from us again. I feel like that's very unfair.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Her children, like many in Fallston, are already involved in extracurricular activities in town, but will be attending school in Jarrettsville, a much smaller space more than 20 minutes from home.

RACHAEL FABER: Let's do away with the redistricting. I mean, it's not helping anybody.

RACHAEL CARDIN: In Harford County, I'm Rachael Cardin for WJZ.