Parents: Manhattan Beach Schools Delay Some On-Campus Activities

Liz Spear


December 31, 2020

Hello MBUSD Parents and Guardians,

In a special board meeting this morning, I recommended that the Board consider delaying the re-opening of our K-12 in-person programs until at least January 11, and possibly until January 19. I presented background information that included:

  • Information about the continued surge of cases in LA County and in our community

  • New guidance from LACDPH about travel outside of Southern California and possible impact on staffing

  • A recommendation from Beach Cities Health District to consider delaying reopening for two weeks

After a robust and thoughtful discussion, the Board voted 4-1 in favor of the following:

  • EDP will resume on Tuesday, January 5

  • Preschool childcare will resume on Tuesday, January 5

  • All TK-2 and High Need Hybrid students will resume distance learning on Tuesday, January 5

  • TK-2 in-person instruction will resume Wednesday, January 13, with the following schedule:

  • TK-2 Cohort A students will attend in-person on Wednesday, January 13, campuses will be closed on Thursday, January 14, and TK-2 Cohort B students will attend in-person on Friday, January 15

  • Any students or employees who are traveling outside of the Southern California area must return home and begin self-quarantine by January 3 in order to be able to participate in in-person instruction on January 13

  • TK-2 in-person instruction will shift to the AA/BB model (two mornings a week on campus for students and four mornings for teachers) beginning the week of January 19:

  • Monday and Tuesday mornings Cohort A on campus for learning

  • Wednesday synchronous and asynchronous at-home learning

  • Thursday and Friday mornings Cohort B on campus for learning

  • The District will strive for a February 1 transition to an AM/PM model

  • High Need Hybrid in-person instruction will begin on Wednesday, January 13, and Friday, January 15 (with no in-person instruction on Thursday, January 14), and then these programs will return to their regular in-person schedules beginning on January 19.

  • Athletic conditioning will resume on Wednesday, January 13

Like many other decisions during this difficult time, this is frustrating news for some, and welcome news for others. I appreciate the Board’s readiness to respond thoughtfully to new information as it arrives, and I support the Board’s decision. I will provide additional information in my next Monday Morning Message on January 4.

I hope you all find a way to safely celebrate kicking this 2020 year to the curb, and I look forward to a better 2021.


Mike Matthews, Ed.D.
Manhattan Beach Unified School District
325 S. Peck Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310)318-7345, x5900

This article originally appeared on the Manhattan Beach Patch