Parents throw epic quinceañera for their cat’s 15th birthday: ‘The cutest thing ever’

These parents threw an awesome quinceañera for their cat’s 15th birthday, and the video is cuteness overload!

Meli (@smeli_cat) is a TikToker and proud cat mom who frequently shares videos featuring her rescue cats and kawaii-themed office. A love for cats seems to run in the family.

Recently, Meli posted a video of the quineañera (a Latin American celebration for a girl’s 15th birthday) her parents threw for their 15-year-old cat, Plomita, and it looked like one epic bash!

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✨my parents threw a quinceañera to their 15 year old cat, Plomita💖 lol ##cat ##catparty ##catbirthday ##quinceanera

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The clip begins with a shot of Meli’s father, holding Plomita, sitting at the dining room table decked out with cat-themed party favors and a centerpiece made out of yarn balls and cat food tins. A “Happy Birthday!” banner hangs in the background, with cats in the shape of each letter.

Plomita, decked out in a miniature denim jacket and pink tutu, sits comfortably in her father’s lap, devouring a cat treat. The clip then cuts to a shot of Plomita seated on the table wearing a new outfit featuring a floral-printed blue dress with a pink flower around her collar while her human parent showers her with affection.

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After another outfit change and cat treat, Plomita is back in her denim jacket and tutu combo for a father-kitty dance around the living room.

The adorable video had hearts melting all over TikTok. Many viewers took to the comments to congratulate Plomita on her 15th year around the sun.

“Happy birthday, and God bless! Hope she has many more, she looks fab in her quince dress,” one user complimented.

The dance at the end of the video was definitely amusing for others as well.

“Ok, it’s the father-daughter dance that got me dead,” joked one user.

It’s evident from Meli’s video that many people view their pets as family members, and to reiterate one viewer’s comment, there’s “nothing like a well-loved kitty.”

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