Parents Upset At Area School Districts Opening Despite Dangerous Road Conditions

Area schools districts that decided to open today received an earful of complaints from upset parents.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: Some area school districts that decided to go ahead and stay open today got an earful of complaints from some upset parents. Here's JD Miles.

JD MILES: Most Denton County school districts opened today, which outraged a number of parents, who said it was unnecessary and dangerous.

Independence High School and Scoggins Middle School, along with Frisco ISD's 70 other schools, were open today. It had some parents, like Courtney Brooks, scratching their heads.

COURTNEY BROOKS: I just think that they are playing a dangerous game with people-- people's lives, because it could easily result in a car accident.

JD MILES: Brooks decided to keep her two teenagers home. Other parents posted their disapproval on social media, with photos of ice on streets outside their homes. Frisco ISD says the decision to open was made after consulting the police and fire departments. Administrators and other staff also drove the roads to determine whether they could be navigated safely. In most areas, roads within Frisco ISD were dry. And crews were notified of any isolated problem areas, which they worked to address.

Frisco wasn't the only district to hold classes as scheduled. Nearly a dozen other districts agreed that the roads were safe. Parents of Lewisville ISD students complained about the district's vague social media posts on Facebook and Twitter that only urged them to stay alert to winter weather, with no mention of schools opening or closing. Some parents say it was confusing. And one posted she wasn't sure until the bus arrived to pick up her child.

Frisco ISD does tell us, as long as parents send a note, their child's absence will be considered excused.

JD Miles, CBS 11 News.