Paris Fashion Week: Liselore Frowijn - 'This collection pays homage to all strong women'

Liselore Frowijn will reveal her Fall-Winter 2016 collection on Tuesday, March 1.

In honor of Paris ready-to-wear fashion week (March 1-9), we caught up with Liselore Frowijn who will reveal her Fall-Winter 2016 collection on Tuesday, March 1 at 12:00 PM local time. The designer offered us insights into how her latest designs took shape.

What were the inspirations behind the new collection?
The new Autumn-Winter 2016 collection has the working title: "Let's hear it for the Lions". Art has been an important source of inspiration in my work, and for this collection I would like to give a big shout out to female artists making a change and showing a different perspective. The collection is an homage to all strong women living or who have lived in this world, with Niki de St. Phalle the muse. Her beautiful round volumes in her 'Nana' works, together with the energetic and edgy approach the women I admire have towards life, formed the inspiration.

I was inspired by St Phalle's 'naïve but bold' approach for material designs; soft vs primary colors, curving vs graphic designs, sharp vs soft materials and new vs recycled textiles are contrasting aspects within the collection. Layering, collage and drawing also play a role. The silhouettes are strong yet sensual, like trees, implacable, surviving time. The collection is a modern baroque party, with a paradoxical approach towards materials; where artisan and mechanically designed textiles can jointly exist.

What are the collection's three key pieces?
I prefer to talk about materials, since this is always the first step I take: from the concept I develop an eclectic palette of textiles, and then I design the garments. This season I work with laser-cut dresses, bold colored graphic collage-prints designed by hand and printed on corduroy cotton and silk used in fierce pantsuits, voluminous tunics and curved bomber jackets, and exquisite rich leather tops and skirts.

Which famous person would best embody these looks?
That would be Léa Seydoux. She is the ultimate muse to design for, due to her strong personality, sense of style and good personal taste. It would be absolutely great if she would wear my garments.

What's your view of fashion today?
Everything is possible, there is a new, very inventive generation of designers coming up who are all seeking new forms of expression. New techniques are being invented for textiles and we are forced to think differently about the whole production-chain and sales-process. Since I started recently in this industry, I am flexible with this interesting wave of opportunities. Ideally I would like to make beautiful timeless garments that can be collected like paintings. Garments that can be a great adjustment for people's personal wardrobes.

To survive as a fashion designer you have to be inventive. It's truly great that Paris Fashion Week organizers Mode à Paris are open towards new designers with a fresh approach towards fashion.

Social media presence has become indispensable for designers and labels today. Has this direct contact with the public changed the way you work?
Well you immediately get feedback from the people who follow you, even if they don't respond, which makes the way of working more dynamic and I like the speed of this process. I don't think it really changed the way I work, it's just something extra. It's interesting to see how established fashion houses communicate on social media. During fashion week there's always a nice buzz, but they cannot give everything away, fashion needs to be a bit of a surprise, it's interesting to play with this.