Paris Police Fire Tear Gas During Protest Against Proposed Ban on Police Images in France

Protests erupted in Paris, France, on November 17, as demonstrators took to the streets against the proposed “Global Security” bill, which they say would amount to censorship, local reports said.The bill, championed by majority party La République en Marche (LRM), would introduce a penalty of one year in prison and a fine of 45,000 Euros for the “malicious” distribution of images identifying any police officer or gendarme with the intent to “undermine his physical or mental integrity,” according to local reports. Other parts of the bill propose to give law enforcement more power, including expanded surveillance operations and the expansion of the numbers and ability of municipal police forces, reports said.Video filmed by Twitter user @Ori_TdL shows clouds of tear gas during protests on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. Credit: @Ori_TdL via Storyful